Ramblings of a melancholic man

  • Natural Law ((Google it – if u ask the right queestions then ul nnow the right stuff
  • We just need to sort the infrastructure and rule of law for the developing world and then we’ll be golden. Universal food and employment.
  • consideration of tax and property. But not bollocks private privat property – i mean collectively owned property, businesses screation of jobs employment and shit. And reduced inequality and sustainabklity of resources.
  • No class no race discrimination. Non-discrimination may involve: compensation to nation states wronged by slavery or colonialism, core periphery posiVE trade relationRs. Real nigga shit and that. Then, jobs, exporting and migration of skilled labour to HErE ITS NEEDED MOST FIGHTiNG THE GOOD FIGHT
  • Other units of analysis than profit maximisation, coz I mean its worked so well for us and the environemtn so far.

    Be brave, without /sans courage n’st pas no liberty.

    TRue freedom is mioral and ethical: shorter working days, cozy working conditions ; like work from ahome and short hours no weekeds, some luxury like clothes and exotic foods. IT AINT FUCKIN MUCH TO ASK fOR.

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