Redistribution of wealth. Andopportunity for all

Redistribution of wealth: a central tenet of Marxist socialism (the overthrowing of ‘owners’ in favour of fi favourable cndts for  the workers, the people, the normal ones, the strivers, the ones without investments but with hearts, the ones without tears but with fears, the ones with no papaer but all the conviction in the world.) ON a journey to Socialism which could be incoroporated with peaceful normative means to avoid being totalitarian or dogmaticc: such as anrcho(-Capitalism./ (Communism is progressive necessito and both progressive and necessary for discussions within international relations, diplomacy, democracy, peace, freedom, social mobility, and access to opportunity and discrimination ((of class race and gender which are the SHACKLES of our people, species.) Moreover, it is litt cah it erodes class or race. which are -ve social constructs

One world for all God, Goodness peace prosperity, music , art and science working at one. HIPPY SHIT. To achieve this one must put wealth historically back into the hands of those whom are oppressed current Neo=Liberalism bollocks of “chase ur dreams”” and the “American dream” are western-centric, European fartsy shit and doesn’t let u have time if u do eventually get money so

1)) Give to charities where possible , especially if ur rich, market responsiveness should result in change but do ur homework eg like the fuckin ones that actually make a difference like Cancer Research (we’ve all lost loved ones and may cherish their souls) (But biology and politics are some of the only remaining areas for forward-the focus of mankind). In addition, NGOs like Amnesty International can preserve human rights, and free people from totalitarian reign or dictatorships (we need strong leardership – another story for another time BUT WITHIN democracys change agency, not structures everyday). Boom, so now we’re moving, we’ve got the ball rollign but what else? Charities like magic breakfast can account for kids who literally have junkies as parents or other socio-economic factors meaning their not eating good EMPHASISE DONT JUDGE EVER and so thus u help em – the charity gives em food so they can crack on with their day and better their life like we all wanna.

2)) Slavery, Colonialism and even the Holocaust cannot be forgotten and all have somehow been economically underplayed??! Hows my man telling me India should be striving and thriving and fighting for economic prosperity when core-periphery trade flows means they will merely generate wealth for the rest, provide cheap labour and fuckin repress their pepole with no compensation no foraml nor legal acknowledgement? Maybe some positive discrimination could happen in the form of migration? Or job provision and aid which is actually just money for them to spend on what they want not our institutional imposition of what fucks us: overtly privatising , and thus removing access to, property open-societies and instutions which are undiverse such as the IMF which backs Neo-Liberal policies alone which are not a correct fit for many culturally diverse nations in the world such as Nigeria; their economy strives yet their people are unhappily complying. Innovation is also required in technology to increase mobility.

Opportunity for all and access for all is a key critique which not many of us will really care about if we’re being bluntly honest. Why? Coz some action requires some self-interest lets not be naive. So therefore, we’re all seeking and arguably getting a pretty sweet deal of apprenticeships, jobs, employment, 9-5s, sick unis, small business owners, musicians and so-on or so forth but what about people who recieve a life long overcrowded, underfunded state education? That’s inequality domestically: within the UK for example, then there’s global inequality like people in Bangladesh seeking to make ends meet with even worse infrastructure, even less security rule of law, police, or opportunities, rascist and backward often imperial institutions, unfree workign hours, lack of choice of employment, lack of healthcare, tropical diseases etc.

We all have the potential to change small things, im not saying it’ll be overnight but rome weren’t built in a day and moreover, imperfect action is better than perfect passiveness.

Written whilst watching ‘mandela’ the movie on BBC iPlayer.

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