Still Game

Still Game.. for going down the pub, with the lads, the same lads – when we 75!

Good show on Iplayer; inspired severall political ideas:
1)) Get a bunch of old people to inhabit, and over time, be the only inhabitants of estates – some estates are actually quite nice, looking but the excessive close proximity to other residents can get annoying n’ result in crim. N moreover, that very same thing; objectively; becomes subjectively differently interpreted coz the structure still stays the same bb ut the agency changes coz old people are older so number 1.1. they want the community n close companionship = company for the geriatrics not crime for the yougnungs. Moreover, little or no crime or hard drugs coz its too bad for the old heart of a human and they’re too old so no energy no crime.
2)) Old don’t steal they’re cozy on their ones. Moreover, the policy could be gradual eg every1 u move out of the blocks goes somewhere nice n still a flat but more suburban than urban, still in london though – like ealing broadway so could grab a train to mates’ places, no more worn out faces. Or rascist faces, coz u could do a ‘1 in 1 out policy like bouncers and just swap a young family for a old person/elder couple so s’all love n win win old pople dont ava fi put up with a old folks hoeme n no love and they got companioinship and thier own autonomous space. Also eventually will render estates useless and counter teh racio-social discrimination. S

Sorry for going all ugenics on u but shit’s real.

NBad R.C

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