_Many of z best thinkers have contradictions or paradoxes within them.

_ This is because they are only human. This is because God made us to not have it fully coherently together and we are not the masters of our own domain. Nor are we just purely physical bodies roaming around, additionally we had to know limits ((9the boundary of the body, the motivations of sex and death) to experience close to to limitless.

– God. Made us all beautiful
Man is born free but everywhere in chains. Socially constructed oppression and formal equality but negative and informal inequality. Look around: jobs, food, discrimination, work, class structures, who has money and, who has CULTURAL INFLuence?


  • Reincarnation. De ja vu
  • De ja vu
    – They say if u experience de ja vu a lot ur gonna be successful
    = in a beautiful world, and i feel it right now. Keep lowkey and do ur thing


– Lol. Rambo – Bryson Tiller

– What I think of the US election: just shows a false majority, cultural hegemony that don’t like to publically voice their views because they are fucked, poorly educated, poorly catered to by the state, sick, old, underemployed, fearful, envious of migrants, looking out for their families. Misguided and mis-red by the

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