Dog eat dog? No, human help human

Central arguments about human nature as premises to make logical conclusions off of:
– – Schooling: yeah sure the best schools cost money (dogs pitted against puppies fair) but we can re-construct our state schools, be better STTudents ((Stop having unprotected sex: use condoms; make kids be able to prioritise their education and work, social perception and standing and the amount they earn: a kid is such a big stimulus socially and economically that these younguns end up being relatively worser-off cah even if ur making bank kids cost about 100,000 by the time they;re 18 ; that;s around 8k a year! 80000. And listen to teachers coz we now realise that grades =money and so to be better we have to do better, learn etiqueetee and other social norms our parents sometimes are distracted to tell us about coz when u aint earning much u think the world’s hard and ur pressing issues are bills and food Not justice and social mobility.
– Heatlhcare. We in Britain have a beautiful NHS so don;t be shy to use it, engage with bureacracy to pleasure o proffit from fi it. An ddfuckin just invest in it as a gorverment to fullfill ur Social Contract (Rawls, )) and Kantonian duty or responsibility in God, the soul, and civic duty like that we are rational and reasonable and want good for ourselves, survival, pleasure, our families, collectie,s schooling education, food, drink, weed, and relaxation, travel; mobility or ideal situations for onself.
– violence  : humans are sentient beings and our stream of ADVANCED consciousness can allow us to debate AND COMPRimise so that we can reach things for treating people as ends in hemselvees for everyone. And compassion prevents war. And history, and collective learingin prevents it too. Too much money and relationships at stake forbeef. Focus on trade and welfare to prevent it when it dos occur. And if u wanna get a girl u gtota compete, by getting haircuts and showering – that;s our peacokcing and healthy competition over money, not gazelles we;re relateively civilised and not gazelles.
– Politics, charities, NGOs, Homeless people, Help, Brothers/Sisters, soldiers, altruism, politicians, Corbynism , Electric/green energy, technology, Social media gives autonomy o press/media.

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