Numinous. Luminous.
– It’s near the end>
– – But in a good, natural way not an artificial end. No abruption, nor do I ever superficially forget the light of a friend,
– Listening to Lana Del
Rey she says my names esse based on the colour of my skin

I guess we all just judge from within. To which I reply I do my essay esse-orita
Because, despite the addictions and friction I focus on the ends and societal contribution not volatile dissolution.
And so, my friend we achieve human beauty – like the glint in the eye of the gir l u love, or a message from our Creator from Up above I Pray I Remember, to always remember, give back and not see nuttin wrong with a little bump and a lotta song

Though it seems dark the end is not nigh
Remember that u can crack on, eveen if it is with a sigh

And do not think, just drink, and do not think that one is powerless because one can always,,,,,, turn on the light.

Dont do drugs kids, they alter ur chemical composition. Just get lashed
Cigarettes and alcohol, condoms an ddhooies

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