Keep yo’ head above water

Be al leader not a follower
– Family b4 money. But get yo money
– Know where ur cheques coming from ‘man doesn’t want things just once, everything he wants : passions or fears: hje wents them relentlessly or/perpetually
-Some youngens go through more than adults coz of streets and drugS: just self-reflect and no no matter what mistakes u make u are ur brohters keep and u deserve a good life, despite hate self-doubt or self-disullisionmnet.
– Be aware of ru surroundings : but be out the city or out of ends sometimes for work. Stay indoors and stay safe. Its cold outcheas – streets are rough for a reason – u shouldn’t be in em too much. Im gone get this work. Dont diss
— Be happy and motivate whilst being motivated: by ACTIONS what u do u and what others ddddo

– take breaks. Reward urself – buy hood shit if u from the hood. Not everything for everyone – they gone try erode ur culture and ur values BUT U GOOTA STAY TRUE TO URSELF follow ur gut and realise WHEN U COULD CHANGE and dont

  • Deep voice shit. Real life shit. Smoke cigareetes drink salchohol, have weed in moderation to soothe the old soul. Listen to Johnny cah ‘hurt’ (1000% recommendation)
    0 kee0-p it 11k u make mistakes ur imoerfect but we can do this ,supporttively, Real People Gone Support U
    – Real Recognise real

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