Inclusive exclusion

Sometimes, by fucking with the wrong group, u exlude urself b

– So this case study is in specifics: the Inuit people of Canada.
Premises about the Inuitts is:
– they wish to be self-sufficient and opt for subsitence (farming whereby only the exact amount of food/crops are produced/harvested so that they can just eat go sleep and eat again but remain in harmony/relatively symbiotic with their ecology/eco-system and environmet.

Canadian people (generically: like many Westerners))
– opt for surplus value: producing more than what;s literally needed so that peopel can make money and own the means of production in the hands of the few so that others are opressed and can sell themselves, mental or physical lik eprostitues, to make money to eat.
– monetary system reigns and nearly everythings commodified : like bottled water  the env -> money opportunity -? fuck the environment.

LOL so the inuits try to incorporate some monetary shit, like selling fish so that they;ere cool and adapt with the times, but the very thing they’re selling is destroying them: coz by producing extra fish for extra money for extra education, supllies, and healthcare, they are fucking themselves coz they destroy the environment, and move away from subsitence and end up entering into capitalistic wage oppressive relations that they hate: fuckin bollocks needing to do loads a unneccesary shit just to survive: get decent health or education.

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