HUman dignity


Why has no government ever sucessfully C-town adressed poverty for its root causes, holistically eg drug dealers represent a lack of some jobs and some opportunities to earn like 20k a year #Thousands

Micro-finance. Housing congestion and government-lists of people not being vetted for who would live well with ho contributesw to crime n shit.

Victory lap.

Leave. Exams.. Poetry essays and school and non-frustration just competet with urself make ur prjoects dreams possible. N nver switch up just do ur thing then celerbrate

RC’s rights ACt 2.1

Universal declaration of human rights, good job UN, defending property and IMF-bias to privatisation, bad job Intergovernmental organisations. But u WIN SOME U LOSE SOME dont be dependent on know 1 but defend ur rights

– Here’s modern day rights:#

  • Right to a private , and public life, gossip bout people ┬án u get gossiped about so dont go there ery1 got dirt on em
  • Right to fun
  • Right to social inclusion
  • Right to fun
  • Non-degradeable
  • Unconditional, and universal: right to GOogle whatever u like
  • Right to not be judged, discriminated or do etiher
  • Freedom of thought n’ consciesness: ur mind is the only thing they can’t take away from u , but they can erode it and stress it: if u stand up for too mch ul never sit down so fight the good fight but also take it easy. Right to days off: so u can fi get ur mind right if u only work u only think about work. WE are partly conditioned by our environment: BUT ALSO OUR ENVIRONMENT IS A PROUCT OF US

Dear Students

keep ur chin up and ALWAYS have synergy with ur hometown. #DearStudents STAY HUMLE


remember how u save: student discount asks? cheapest products, reply casually with im a student, giving to charity , rocking some shit garms, amazon asos and spotify offline being ur best friendss?

WELL KEEP that shit after u GRADUATE u barstead.
OH, and put OTHER PEOPLE on/first fi sometimes



Great Expectations

.. Of ice and men “Suffering has been the strongest of all teaching

  • Dont switch up on ur mate
    – Class n money just social constructurs dont be self loaving or opposite: basically, bomo don’t let it get to ur head.
    – ASAP rocky juxebox joints, listen to it.
    – Be honest n humble grass aint always greener.
    – Comunity, communication dialogue, mindfullnesss, compassion ,, integrity transcend all the bullshit, dont bite the hand that feeds u
    – Sometimes transcend the place ur in , and empathise with others .

    Wavey cuz. Its been a heaven of a journey, overall

    ‘If u know better u do bettTTer” Big narstie one of the greatest estate thinkers of our times.