In my humble opinion

Here’s what I think: in my roomm at universitym, surrounded by JD and other less popular forms of alcohol. Suicidal thoughts on my mind, planning to listen to some hood shit tomorrow, like Meek mill or something ((maybe that’s the first time ever Meek Mill has been used in a commed-ish whatever the fuck grammarheads call it – sentence), and Im wanting to listen to Biggie but shit man i just aint got the time. They say time is money butman it aint coz if we ever go broke time’s all we ((should) got.

_ Sad init – routines, capitalism, money, soceity and basiaclly bollocks shape ur existence. I wanted to go bed early n just get up n create (Lego or cycle or write or read or make music) but no i cant do that shit coz some plonker within the Capitalistic system decided to socially construct the social “norms of a working day and a fuckin breakfast hour. I wanna sleep when i want do what i want and eat and shit as I please in a more fluid, reactionary system where I actually listen to my body and innate desires and passions not be coniditoned by counteless shitty pointles unmeanfinggful interactions with fake people. nstead im conditioned to think ah better no t do that fun thing coz im broke and aint got the money. or i got some money but too much repsonsibility and work, and a schedule to not enjoy money.EARLY RETIREMENT das all man wants.

Boom, balanced with some producitivety aof course  iaint no couchy potato. Get tae fuck ya wee prick. Now, I was thinkin about superhereos – spose u do – and now i think i still always fuck with batman but the saying: we adore batman when we’re “growing up” ((as a child) but when we’re older we empathise with the Joker.

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