Some are made to be fooled/adapted/mitigated Some are made to be folloed, all are made ith the intent of mutual, collective habitation

TherefTfore, rulthuse noo 1 : Do not judge, lest thee be hudged too ((Bible)
– – 2) Don’t hate. Appreciate create. innovate, ask urself why ur envious of others n then seek to better urself UR GODD_GIVEN SELF not lower them.
– Make ur disadvantage ur advantageL with me i grew up poor, but to cut a long stonry short, it just means I cCan handle what life throwa st me better.
– Have heroes, become like them.
State, individual led inestment is the best like. See what u like, and make it better. E.g. education could be just being a better student
= -Be moral 6))))))
7) Don’t be too bad. WE’re all only human. Imparfait. Cependent, one can also be good or mitigatedly bad like if ur gonna have an affair tell ur girlfriend why after and work on it?! Open n honest communication is key. Crucial vital. Communication saved the nation iI was raised in.
8) Don’t be afradi to change the world: here’s how we still have a long way to go : Technology, Biology (malaria, dibates, and cancer cures) DNA, maps, genes, underwater exploration, spacce tracel, and political ideologies this is where man is still relatively unventured and whree our co-operativee structures and potential TT lies. Cool, and where we’re good at.
– Paradigm shift

If all the world is losing their nut, but u can remain calm. Then u have grown up a bit, more on why u should never fully conform/”grow up” in the socialised, boring, western narrative of the word form Epistomology laetr.

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