France pt 2 the solution —-

  • Make food cheaper : this could be done by growing locally//reducing taxes or tariffs. Creating more jobs by employing people eg as cleaners ((the city of Paris is filthy) and u get a win-win because by them being employed ur net getting more income tax ((although granted losing on their version of vat because of the cheaper food afore mentioned b) but then cool you can have the subsidiary benefit of more tourism, and less economic leakage due to Paris being clean so not only do people visit but u can potentially retain visitors through maps , people speaking english, infrastructure, a tightenting up on road security, human pr Governmental Health/Awareness ad campaigns about the importance of speed limits in reduing casualties, following the law, and not running red lights because if the boots on the other foot and ur the pedestrian ud be annoyed – this could subsequently slightly alter the city culture.
    – – also fucks aske paris – ians fix up English aint that bad why u always hating we coming, often with our girlfriends, just tryna enjoy ur beautiful city of lights (we learn a bit a french u could try learn a ickle bit of english) remember our roots as allies n shit and yeah ool boom pick each other up and help economic growth in the regon.. despite brexit we still geographically close proximity to y’all. Encourage French people to travel more to London too just to see that we too are welcoming for yall. And, the eurostar is so nice but no offence maybe invest a little in the French-side of things and clean up both policing and the streets. Holistic effect.
    Improve redistribution of wealth by improving education.
    Traffic lights more efficient and clear road de-lineations of where drivers should stop and wait. Employ more traffic cops and train em up thus creating jobs and bottom-up growth. They pay taxes they shop. Cool.
    _ Fuckin I get cultural isolationism but DONT BE BLIND TO CHANGE. People , not jusat in England, are frequently speaking Enlgish and language can create new neuron pathways so itcould be a good societal-linguistic-cultural change in effect a well as  an improved solidarity that we have a commonality not only of trade, and likeness of our both equally loved and visited cities, but a friendliness and solidarity too.
    – To tackle homelessness charity presence could be stronger and tourists could also give money to them/buy off street vendors in order to bring the botom up not pull BUT the top down.

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