Cigarrettes and balconies
– sort out ur politics. CHEAP FOOD IS THE KEY TO SOCIAL LEVELLEING/social mobility and economic/CRETIVAE productivity.
And in Paris, it’s fuckin ridiculous?! What jobs do they do to be able to afford 16 fuckin Euro for a burger and chips?! ANd ? What why is it so expensive?
– Beautiful place but love hate : like that girl u really anna shag but u know she;ll break ur heart anywway
– Bit anarchic in a bad way eg no common decency with./when it cocme s to crossin gg the road b oh and WATCH OUT the zebra crossing looking things ARENT ZEBRA and boom the city’s a bit dirty but nice Le Louvre;s class oh and be humbled dont go in arragontly assuming everyone assumes speaks english – coz they fdont just google the stats for french and english speaking parisians or rest of the world speakin engglish for that shit

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