21st Century role models

  • Btman: he’s not the hero that Gotham wants, but he is the hero that Gotham needs. Self-explanatory; perceived u ndesireable altruism but necessary vigilante to import morality and a just cause into inner-city Politics – it’s that – or migrate- ;))
    – Spiderman: With great power comes great responsibbility. Charity, sharing – promotion/raising awareness ; essential ethical advertising is how social conscientiousness would manifest, for me, in the 21st century. Some rich./powerful/influential people could really take a leaf out of our favourite “friendly neighborhood” drug-dealer, oh shit no i mean ¬†Spiderman..N also so cool and sick is that he stays humble n isn’t tempted or swayed.
    = like the ‘higher up’ the ladder he goes: or when success creeps he doesn’t blindly fall fi its piftfulls or be diverted from a noble cause regardelss of exposure/media ((that guy with the tash at the newspaper lol).
    – Mike Ross. Suits
    – Harvey Spectre. Also ‘Suits’ cracking watch on Netflix and really good screenplay tbh (im quite geeky bout fuckin shows)) so u can pleasure at the old directing. Check it
    – Lewis Hamilton. Racers, like many other sportsmen and sportswomen are often just so cool coz they train hard and are used to traversing the media spotlight, filtering out truely good causes from scammers, and just all-round well-centred,rounded,grounded people who love what they do, respect their fans and keep the passsion for it.
    – Serena Williams. Dope girl.
    – Rupert Grint? Whoever that ginger donnny is cool. Ginger, but didn’t get bullied, and embraced banter when he just went with the flow and got/jumped in Ed sheerans video
    – Emma Watson. Put it like this, i’d not mind if my hypothetical daughter looked up to her bruh
    – Michelle Obama: i know i get called out for looking up to the oObama’s too much but honestly i think they’re the best contemporary family in the White House in a long while, again similar to old points they’re good at retaining a degree of normality despite a high profile job, and moreover they are sick at keeping media spotlight tactically, and sporadically, off them. And yeah, what a First Lady. She highlights how any position of scrutiny can really be embraced and actually used with utility to speak to the youth/younger generation or relaly just relay good shit to a wider audience and reach ppl.
    – Rory McIlroy. Same as before. But also, he’s Scottish
  • J cole. Just go ahead and listen to his song role models one more time. I think ery1 knows how i feel bout rappers but il go head make it clear for some of yall who dont get it twisted but basiaclly: they’re sick and they’re the modern day social commentators ((all musicians, granted) fi talk shit and make/CREATE art so cool boom they is poets.
    – Nuts. TThen here’s De Caprio, Da Vinci, Leonardos right what a namesake, then there’s Jackson POllock and yeah all other artists who have a bit more than meets the eye: Banksy too.

    Guess I just really like thinking of stuff, and then bringing it to life

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