Political ‘Parties’ TTeams

Labour should@
NIMO: – tow party lines
– If u had a Lecister City’FooFball plauer then he went to Arsenal ud be like what the fuck, doe sn’t ssuit the style of play/Manager/Corbynism So ud tell him/her to fuck off. Now imagine that , but with lie htem takin one match only.
–  U have to listen/volunatryily comply with some stuff in order for a society or even footnall team/blody politcal partyCompliance equals goodg shit: teamwork makes the dreamwork.

Agree on what u agree on n then believe not eveyrthingg is fi everyine u know. Can alwasy have 1)) politics at inan intdivudal googd scale. Gucc. Cooll louNow also good is to 2) can have a strong shadow/Cabinett if need be to direct him/gear him towards more rrpraggers/’pragmatic matic policies in order tot get along n deal with what God Gave us of the earth n thus fuck iGGet shit going by say appelaing to Cobrbyn’s sene and sensibility of building more houses for the state sector to not colollapese. netithere for and also don’t worry or let it coollapese or ise face over-population n too high, unmangasgenal demand. Suplpy-led economics is the best for a domsetci natTTuion.
Dont’ agree with Corby. Vote for somethingg better then or run urself

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