Why the Tories are the enemies

Im sorry, i too wasu once tempted to vote Tory : why>? all Humans haeve self-interest and it is in one person’s interest to vote tory and take less tax and thereby make more greedy money for urself which iu spend on immoral business which are as elitist and morally corrupt as well, the toriers whom do deals with them, and cut out their tax.

business is quite good;: but Tories don’t tned to gie small business’ loans: and they tend to give BIG businesses BIg, massivfe huge ta cuts which is unfair: not only is it elitist it is basically bribery and injects moneeteary values as higher than morality or equality before the law: thatn is wrong, and too far t pragmatic.

Cool, now also: Tories usggest the rich get tax less: which implies that no/little tax means little / no progress o r change of any ksort because absicalyr hthere’s aRno money for instrature, education, raods , schiools and healthcare( whatdo u think TAX pay s for Tax is good and the left has many ideas of how, preoprety tax in particular, and vat is basiaclly a tax on the ppor coz its a rflat rate but working class jobs dont rise in pay ryear-on0year so each year opeople are paying mpreoa and earninng less os htus losing money BOLLOKCS INTEREST RATES DONT HELP EITHER.) And thus little/notax implies satisfaction with the white-tending to, upper middle,= class, bourgeiosie, elitist, socialite parthirachal mysoginistic racist, classicst cunts in power and thus the STATUS QUO, It only supports a few interests and thus is not the general will and should be mobile.

Additionally the Tories are ideologically basrsteades they can dress it up and try to damn well near pull the wooll over ur eyes ith a few nice, economically” sond policies, ut 1)) there’s more to life than money (like arts, craft, communities, youth cubs, hospitals, schools, education, hobbies, carere, s families, friends, chsahring , charitiies , ngso , alturism etc and mums and materlnal care and equaity and formal equaltiy, the law dont try too break too many, having a good timem culture, and browonig for public nifrastructeuer and jobs which does sinvolve a budfeet defeicit but atleast involves spending to make things good instead of saving to keep those wiht goods good.

Now also, THEY SUPPORT PRIVATISION WHICH BSIALLy MEANS THOSE WITH MONEY GET THE BEST OF EVERYTHING: private schools means business-led run initatives aside from state monopoloies government/governance. so no rules and regulations means they dont go ah let’s get more people on bursary who really need it in, they jsut stick to anad perpetuate the social norm, constructed, socially constructed (u nkow like money, time and naton-states) stat)us uquo. Cool, and also BY HEALTHCARE BEING PRIVATISED THEY ARE BASICALLYt saying ITS ALRIGHT FOR THE POOR TO DIE IN WORSE CONDITIONS because they DO NOT HAVE MONEY to afford private, and private promotes efficiency thus only the rich should have efficient thus barstead,s corrupt ideogy dictating the satate and money literally shave a say a=in quality of life and WHO LIVES OR WHO DIES>

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