Someone please do it PLEAS

#1: fuckin make a dope film about nowadays, with the best coloured/sound actors, and put it in black-andwhite lets revive that film sty;e coz it makes sht look life its reflective. And , like it could show all the bad things, bad bosses misusing authority; corrupt and unequal pay structures’ politicans lying ot us’ western /euro centric media and lies, cultural appropriation and core periphery problems/troubles or pursuits. And just make it a dope film, and its b;acl and white so it’s a fuilling prophecy cz it is  no more.

#2.1:: is that shit there wher instead of benefits street, which single-handely wiped out communal pride in the hood or trackies for older women. WE could now have “posho” street where its like shit, they turn their noses up at everyone, and never give to charity or the socially conscioucne..

I would do it, and might still but i aint currently got the resources, camera equipment, structures, networkds, people or the balls to do it. So im just coming up with a good idea thats my gift to u g and its in the cultural zeitgeist now so shit tell a friend b and mayub one day someone1 of a different genereation slightly will make it. The old die, and with them die their old ideas.

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