Middle CLASS

racism ((black white or blue, i still f*xck with u, homophobia )) if we can love women as much as this, they can love another dude; its calm( .classism ((i don’t speak the Queen’s English, but i  can read it)))), third-worldism ((self explanatory), Middle-easternism ((or islamaphobia; their Holy Book has been misinterpreted a lot but Salam Alaikeum literally means peace unto you, and shit if u put a dog in a cage n hit it it won’t like u much,, and then if that dog is in a world where “international law says shit non-interventionism” but then some dick gets insecure and invades ur country then goes through years of Western euro-centric world media to fuck u  u op the dog might bark back a little. Muzzle it. And show em ur kennels better than theirs: domestic law and cleaning up ur operation act is like infrastructure, uman rights, pr, media/public perception and reception and positive/ globala or regional political inclusiveness and thus reciprocal inclusion. But this takes initiation, primarily women seem deemed as most poise/potent to enact change in these regions due to attempted systemic repression. Depression, oh and mental health.

These are the people the middle class neglect/dont thank or don’t do anything for. Its partially human nature to defend ur self interet. But, it is humanity’s nature to defend collective. INTERESTESENTS


Altruism is the evoution of egoism.

PEace. Cool, now some middle class shit which is actually quite good, see u lot could o be a “enlightened”, intellectual vanguard/ pioneers afterall
like. COol so
– black tie means black suit and iterally blac bow-tie but hwho give s a shit about that. Some people rock it well do.
– Money don’t matter to em coz they’ve got so much of it, and coz most of it is primarily ;’give’n they think tie, health, and seecrurity are all guarentees. Which they should be. Good things, good thigns. Cool, so boom if they knew a little hardship nmaybe they’d give to more charitiess/homeless people coz they’d uderstand the part of self-interest, o.1 % ub giving is for some feeling good and for others: ensuring no1 else has to suffer what u’ve suffered/

Oh, and u guys are also really good at food: the upper middle calss ahave this thing called canapes’ which sounds like cannabis so u know it’s good right. Use responsibly too., and only on weekends. COol, boom so their little silver trays, not spoons though huh am i right, to bring u treats/delicious fuckin food. Foodies ay, u say foodie i say stoner.

Cool and then they also have a calzone which is a pizza folded in on itself. Combos. Sauces: like brown sauce. Tabasco, san pelligrino or osme shit cool. COol and then there is yeah that’s what we working class-er / estate dwellers would just call a sandwich but shit there u go.

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