Your parents.

Honour thy mother and that.

– Ur parents are arguably THE MOST important impact upon ur nature and partially ur subsequent nature: Froid says personality starts formng at like 4-6 years old so look after the young buck well: feed em good, read to em, dont be going out drunk irrooesonpsioly : its like a job do it sober and do it for hours in the day then humbly enjoy ur self at night: and getg a sitter on the weekends or sumthin: if u lower on budget then get a family freind, older, to do it for foree.
– Feed them well: just like ur body it needs nutriotonal value and shit, balance, healthy (if its green its good), – <-that works for otehr”stuff” too if u catch my drift, and no junk food it can actualyl make em dumber by feeding em like too much sweerts/chocolates/amacds/takeout
– Do ur research , then apply it.
– If ur a kid be a good kid: if ur a mum be a good m:um it’s a two wasy treet.
– Cool, and show respect and love both ways: buy gifts, have deep chats, the two of y’all are just like likne long friends anyway, aside from the authority she has legitimately over u: COZ AGE IS JUST A NUMBER BUT IT ALSO REPRESENTS YEARS LIveed so even statistically she’s just more likely to have been through some more shit than u so don’t tell her everyting , or innapropriate, overtyl illegal stuff ((so the best stories) but do share, call home and keep her a part of url ife. And , if u dont ask u do n t get – advice. For go to her

– Thinking bout nurture nature, young MA noisey documentaries, porn, s, COlD romance, the 1, tunes like ‘Mac Miller high school’ ‘Tinie Tempah miami to ibiza’, greegnday and shit, i walk this ((at time lonely roads0\. emotion logic value reason


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