Post-Brexit did u know?

Did u know the EU actually HELPED international water sanitation, access, health, and shit like that internationally and sespcially catereed to the developing world:

AND they are one of many IGOs: now what that means is they are Intergovernmental Global Organisations: like the EU, African Economic Community (AEC) and shit like that. And they really can save the world. Coz two heads are better than one, sharing is caring and put simply if u have 100 tasks to solve u can half that workload by having two people do 50 each. Economic ties lead to business ties, according to Commercial Liberalism, and everyone can just get on and do well in international relations; affable solidaritary instead of dangerous, UNCHECKeED boredom.

– Cool, so yeah we chould focus on what fi bring us together. Not what serpates/socially constructs seperation from us.

Radical ideas: make managers/the nice ones just take less pay or re-distribute it urself eg., pay for yoyur loyal employee to get that g one holiday to barbados ; 1 in two decades is THTA really that unreasonable? And re-balance these harsh, slave-like economic management and structural problems. Structure affects agency how can one make a sound, rational decision if we gotta burn our heels to the  ground selling drugs, or if we cant get enough to take or if we don’t have enough universally tested Euro-centric “skills’ to pay bills we were never taught nothing about>>????????

Cool, now also, ((No the rant’s not fucking over ) we also fuckin could TAKE MORE BURSARY PLACES.. the private system currently is relatively good, relatively ggood at producing predominantly brilliant individuals (so check general will not individual preferences)) but they fuckin usually ake em snobbishm n aggressively elitist: SO INSTEAD MAKE LEGISLATION TO FORCE EM TO TAKE MORE POORER, BUT STILL JUST AS SMART KIDS AND LET EM IN. I got in on bursary and it was sick: now all the kids from my old school are smoking pot with me but on blue((ish – 21st century problems collar jobs and all the kids from my new uni are smoking pot with me , but they have better lighters and more “culnirarily advanced”; pallettes for – the munchies we’re all just people mayn. Regardles s of what “clothes” u wear and what “accent’ u have it dont matter. Cool, now boo mthese poshos aint too bad but they do negglect to state that they have a massive privellege: even if they work for their own money.income seperate fund of mum and dad: coz afterall all parents just wanna do right by their kids, deep donw – some more deep down that others believe me . But still cool , and then after they help em the kids 1)) dont realise/appreciate/quantify the help coz it is very hard and being sheltered by money means ur so cushioned u dont really know people from other walks of life until like uni ((best thing for social levelling) if u ask me. But yea, they neglect to inform how vulnerable, pivoal and shpaing parents were in their formative years because now they’re no longer vulnerable pivotal and shapeless . Moreover, basically this lie is perpetuated because fairplay they dont see / notice any ceonomic struggle or hardship coz they don’t wanna open the pandora’s box that comes with the “wrong crowd” or the “riff-raff” coz its drugs, disfunctional families DYSFUNCTIONAL FAMILIES ((parents – u see, read back ya fucker) and well crime, disenfranchisement, rebelllion, racism, poshism and a whole literal shit ton of dis-function that means well really, it takes away ur “civil” society and its just a jungle, in concrete, and removed from the lovely mayfair that’s only half an hour away; physically, because it may as well be forthy thousand hours away literally because everything we coulnd’t dream of buying their prices us out and economics works from an epicentre like that and then everyone just follows and uys, but never questions and asks why.. So cool, now the system’s fucked and my argument about nurture is that it undermines every tory policy: how is someone, affected by all the ailements of the afore mentioned life-changing thought-altering almost psychotic drug of poverty?

Oh, back to post-Brexit did u know, aim pretty sure Londoners voted to remain so we’re sound, and that’s just a social construct so we can still keep our “national” or “regional” or , more importanly, “collective” fight for the struggle, freedom of man,, and “emancipation of mental ((more like economic) slavery” and theres’s a bob marley song in there too. ECcclectic enigma have a good day my n**a
Peace. Youth.

WELL-TIMED REBELLION, work with what already works. And re-build what doesn’t. Gradually, but shout at the cunts who made it that way whilst changing it underneath their rights-protected eyes.

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