Ode to a student:

  • U can work near enough whenever u like, on a low , ;but often substantial budge,t. Now: this could have he radical impact of societal learning by managers: realising they 1) employ students n’ 2.1)) w( students themselves could take less of a pay check coz they were still makin’ bank as a studdent
    but cut back on money,;looked out for discounts and were defeindd by ((but not overtly)) their job. So, therefore when they;re a manager shit’s still as difficult/stimulating or educationarily demanding but they want more coz they think that’s what capitalistic, socialised impressions, calls, growing, up. Cool,
    – So managers take less pay? What aappens? Workers get more.
    – Live within ur means, but don’t outlive ur means: a lotta society’s good s nowadays are superflous shit ((we shit don’t need) so just cut back on luxury goods, bring back consumer choice, and stop these levels of inequali0ty ((granted some inequality/natural hierarchy is natural and actually good)
    – U had healthy competition with ur mates
    – U napped a lot. U WENT BACKWARDS TO GO FORAWRD. U made sacrifices for the greater good, u thought long term. . u empathised: u understood/thought that everyone was in the same boat, u lived communally, u saw people shitting accidentally, u got drunk as fuck on weedkays and woke up in the afternoon, u were creativem, u stood for things and fell for nothing, htere were things u would die for, u championed meritocracy, and u didn’t go to some lectures scoz u HAD PRIORITIES u wanted more sleep to do that essay, u knew not to overwork, ur work was not overtly monetarised and u were not ur own boss but u respected legitimate authority ((that benefited t u n helped u learn/grown n mature but BUT now ur an adult and u wanna do what?!

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