Rich Altruism

Rich people can: do what they like. Coz, like the football cahnt “he score whens he wants'” like it illustrates that fuckin hell when u’ve got money in Capitalism; it equals/”Buys”‘ freedom as according to Dan Bilzerian. Take: the good with the bad u see. Give: and take

Cool, so I was on the phone with my mum today, having bought my ¬†brother a jacket, and she said what “is ti/wwas it for his birthday” no m’um capitalism justs commercialised ur mind to incentivise giving only on key “occassions” lik’e i love christmas and valentise day but u can’t and shuld nt put a price on them , and those times der shouldn’t be the only times u give. If U CAN AFFORD IT.

Revolutionary. SOcial-customary cultural hegemons cool.

And, also people muzie can be jealous if it’s a dynamic like I ./we have/ my mum and dad were from pretty humbling beggiingsg, as donc, i was too ya see but cool now im making bank and itsm ore money than my parents have sometimes seeen in their life. Which is sad byut true, so this , naturally; due to conditioned and perceived human nature: of being nice but taught/socialised by Cpaitalsm that being nasty “gets u places’ in vicious destructive./creative business or in getting u money and “respect” . Fear not love. Love not fear? Both

Colol so in otherwords don’t buy urself truey whiestl Mumzie’s in primark: get ur priorities straight .

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