Don’t ever give up:
#1 U’re not alone: i’ve been there, many a time believe me life ain’t fair. It’s just fairer than death so hang on in there: give time timeL if u feel like it’s dark it could be coz ur the light.. be alittle more introvert listen to music:  CALL SOMEONE anyne, hotline/helplines/best friends/ family
#2 Know what u haven’t got if ur struggling to be aprrecciateive of what u have got: u haven’t got cancer ((if so my best wishes n u too hang on in there much of this advice translates. Keep reading, FAITH n’ PATHITENCE) cool so u aint terminally ill, u aren’t homeless, u aren’t diseased, u are in a developed nation, u aren’t so poor ur starving, etc.
#3) Listen to art/watch art. Movies, pictures, tumblr, fuckin anything: pictures ((Van Gogh very good) , he said “art is for those of us damaged by life”.
#4 hate to say it but there is an element of wishful thinking and selfishness in it. Like think of how many people it would actually heartbreak/affect, friends family, loved ones, teachers/schools/nurses/classmates/locals etc. Neighbours, shit man come on ul be alright. Also, it couldn’t be a universal maxim so it’s deemed too sad: like if everyone did it it would encourage short-term thinking, giving up, weakness, not giving things a shot or time, and the population would cease. Life throws challenges, BUT trust me God gives his toughest battles to his strongest soldiers: i’ve been bottled, suicidal, had a traumatic brain injury, nearly been robbed, nearly been stabbed, seen someone die etc and all this at just the age of 20 BUT i don’t give up my faith in humanity coz i’ve had crutches: friends , family, vices , doctors and drugs to lean oon. So cool b , and yeah fuckin sad times but vices r ite ANDAND so r virtues: patience, religion, love, respect, honour , nobility, the idea that toorrow will come; persistance and determination: an imperfect duty to urself to nurture ur talent and bounce back.
– UR interests: go pursue em/talk bout em right em and shit and avidly campaign by em: then u really got something to naturally live for and be passionate baout: even if it’s /beomces or saving others from what u’ve been through. I was so close to have nothing that I begun to knew sharing. Educate ursefl read shit online: the world is at ur fingertips and WIkiHow And GOogle sure are some impartial mates ofo mine. Dont worry bout loneliness no1s tr uley alone u go into public people see how u dress, u go into work people see how u behave act/carry urslef etc. It;ll be alright man i promise, we made it through two world wars and a genocide as a humanity and here we are so u can make it thoruhg ur ting my g. And, g man upstarir s is looking down on u so don’t let him down. Hari-Krishna

– Cool, also with regard to homeless people go againtst the grain: sure pepole ‘ll say theyl spend on drugs. me too. and dso cool on a serious note . have fun with it. dark sense of humour. character. perver. and just fuckin see the real 1s the non-hustlers humans are easy to read: it’s called emotion and eyes. SO just go for a walk and I guarentee one kind soul , even a stranger will see ur sorrows from the depths of ur eyes: if u dont ask u dont get ask n ye shall receive so just be like yp im suicidal coz of x and see what they say. Even police/feds/cops/polis are alright/sound for this like we all share some stuff : and one of that stuff is empathy. SOmeone, somehweer is going through what ur going through family so it’ll be alright: listen to Kendrick alright too if u feel down again.T his Too shall pass ll come i up again too though.

#5) experiment with drug or realise ur badass because u: are fearless. N there’s mptjomg ,more dangerous than a man in the corener: so prove ur shit and change ur world. PRove the haters wrong, just don’t cbecome s ur own self -haters. Let that self-talk turn pisitive see wag1. ACcept n embrace imperfection.
#6 And lastly, just love and go to sleep – it recharges u and will make u feel better i guarentee.


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