– 1_ General will: the rights/wills of individuals at any given time are not that imporatnt. The collective will is. So in democracy staying in peace. Or in lunch ques everyone eating even if that means some cunts not getting seconds. Cool.
2) Holding on to our own culture.
3)) submitting to authority
4) a Natural and postive-in-our-favouring hierarchy.
5) Equality of opportunit. No tyranny of the majority
6) even idiots express themselves: currennt, so that we as smart people can counter their ideas, under-current, and eventually that tension produces good results, or coutner-theories to rright the idiots.
Everyone using their democratic rights, its no different than 19th Century ideas of weighted suffrage if we continue to not use our working class to vote: this just perpetuates a Liberal elite led by , well a voting Liberal elite. The blind leading the fucking blind. Talk about it?
‘It is better to be a dissatisfied Socrates ((READ HIM). . than a satisfied swine b” – some cunt no less smart han u.

TT read quote on thematic issues/current affair culture or topics, and then make ur own my son.

jJack Nicolson,

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