Classics revisited: Learn from them all so as to avoid being dogmatic

  • Marx and Rousseau: for a redistribution of wealth (a priority in this structurally inept, radically racist-socio-economic zero sum game of outdated Capitalism)).
  • Kant: for world peace: Perpetual peace theory ((practice)
  • Saint Augustine for ‘Just War Theory’: idea that internationally war only cool if it’s in self defence b. And unavoidable but we follow laws on both mitigation, and conduct. And, afterall prevention is better than cure, that’s my Dad not necessarily the Saint.
  • Rousseau, b on soldiers: states should not use people as a means to an end, but to /as if they were ends in themselves e.g. don’t send people, flesh and blood with families, loves, passions, and desires off to war in pursuit of resources or the perpetuation fo Capitalism or naitonalism. Still respect current soldiers though and do not despite , taht CURRENTLY we need some beef to rectifydespite some human rights issues, favours and extremism of any race is wrong.
  • Kant on imperfection, God, faith, peacee and slow steps.
  • Corbynism on engaging with terrorists: anarchist ic viewof that / military and police are negative formations of authority and their to perpetuate their use or need e.g. look at how much “terror”‘ so we need an over-zealous military (may need some but welfare budget can aAls obe going elsewhere like on transport and education). And, not giving terrorists what they want: reacting / revenge to show we’re scared and just carry on with non-media sensationalism potentailly censored by their ethical moral agents: managers to discinsentivise fucking deadlines which produce shitty stories under pressure. And a squashing of right-wing nonsense which perpetuates fear and turns humanit, and one another, against each other when we should seek holistic causal and normative solutions. Progressive. See. And to reduce their “killing people'” budget, also knw as defenceo , rationally and peacfally slowly, and with co-operation like in the Prisonner’s dilemma by sharing the information that we too are disarming and focusing more on IGO ‘s cooperation like UN oversight/edudicating and submitting to authroity to really pursue what’s plaguing man.
  • Ethical hedonism, by me to pursue some degree of negative freedom, whilst also postiive liberty: not harming others,coz then they can harm u, karma, the delight in pleasure maximising/outweight pain: the good outweighs the… and , bad bitch es are cool er and u can do u  but cbeacuse u know the pleasrues of say, a san pellegrino u start to understand that for the modern nation-state ceconomy we may need to induldge in some og them, thus this requires money/means to exchange so u defend aa)) other people ‘s rigths to pleasure based on ur own enjoyment of it, then fulgill it to its rational-nonselfish extreme: altruism in the form of u like food so u get ur family food but true altruism is relatively non – self interest (practice theory divide cant get into) so )in implementat it is in the form of strangers; relatively little care-shit giving interms of blood realtion but still humanity so still wan see them eat.
  • Gladstonian on Welfare Liberalism. HAND UPS NOT HANDOUTS. Elite, sick schools to create exceptional individuals. And inmproving of the existing state schools/building more so as to ensure not over-demand and good supply ensrue s sick ((using Capitalis sho-rtterm in a sick way so as to ) not over populate schools. Class sizes being reduced can make an adequate teacher great coz of sheer volume she can get round to/get across to/not have behavioural issues of mob rule and group think so hence can positivelty change the learnign environment and on average spend more time with each pupil. Hearing, and doing. Coolio. Cant make weak strong, by making the strong weak. Gotta bring the bottom up not the top donw . Understand> Compassion. ? Same idea in international ((not domestic no mor) for nowe of fucking cultural imperealism, some good form . And education is the only way to enact genuine cross-cultural change bceause it is simultaneously SIMULTANEOUSLY SIMULTANEOUSLY both bot up and top-down in enforcement/managerial/hierarchical style. And, moreover, helps with developing post- entagnledement post slavery ies.

    – Universal living wage in order o prevent core periphery relationship and also re-evaluate priorities within consumerism. Not everyone exactly equal all the time : but less unequal formally, and informally. and everyone a base level of which to work with and a fair start in the rat race: this cahnges us from rats and rodents who do what we’re told to Lions: non-conformers to everything  . Faith, but not always blind faith.

  • Gramscian idea of cultural hegemonies. SAlute, and workign class appropriately appropriated:

    e.g. a premise: Capitalism is zero sum. But also, Liberal idea was founded on colonialismCC/slavery/ugenics/social Darwinism arguments so inherently flawed and rascist underbelly. thus eventually re-evaluate the wHWOLE SYSTEMic and structure. entirEly. |Eg. right now rich have 100% of means of produciton (ownership)) and thus wealth and shit. Cool poor ahve 10%((The crumbs we are thrown from the borgeiouse in slave like/coercive/exploitative but paradoxically “volunarty” wage-relations becuase we wanna eat. But we also want other stuff, like time and leisure, love and pleasure . And altruism/help/community projects books creativity, songs and ice cream/ Thus we need some surplus money aside from bills. But they own the houses so they fuck us like this and can put rents up at any time. That’s WHy economics is bollocks cool. SO take 60 percent from the 100 and the poor get to 70 ((10 plus 60) and the 100 are STILL at 40 but they don;t have the socio-economic psychological problems and racial contexts of the struggle for Capitalism, and the lies told thereing by the White mans burden. Cool, so now we’re on a more equal footing and societal, majoritiarian full inteersts can be expressed (and individual self -expression and fucking relaisment of goals and humility cool so that’s sweet and that means everyone’s progressing and spitting ideas AND THEN we can work on a new system/means by which it’s a 50 50 split or a non-monetary system like mutualism ((whereby u got a car i got a jet i want a car-ride u want long distance travel so we exchange them for a short-term) but NO MONEY CHANGES HANDS AND ITS NON-exploitative

    money, hip-hop, fish n chips, cheap houses, streetwear, graffiti and msuci: workign class business owners. THAT DONT SELL THEIR USINESSES TO EVIL MONOPOLIES keep dignity and integrity private people.

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