What else uni taught me

Be urself. DOn’t switch up, know where u came from / roots etc.

And, also talk to/learn from peopel from different, distinct but not inseperable academic pursuits.. and backgrounds/world views. It is this fuckin harmony of sciences and the arts which will save humanity. Arts injects a moral perspective and science injects a fiar test, methodology and epimircal evidence under scrutiny and fair conditions.

cool, boom now what my medic mates taught me is there’s a life lesson in their approach: diagnose something (a problem well stated is a problem we, half solvlved and then) prescribe something for it( when u start seeing ur problems, not as problems, but as obstacles to make u do better -/take innovative/self-autonomus approaches to then THAT’s when a revolution takes place.

IR: harmony states view. And: equality.
Things from people: from different backgrounds: Things to learn from upper middle class: austerity, sense and sensibility, civility, restraint, dialogue, communication, pacifism, trust,

Justuce . equality.

define terms

– Harmony.


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