The HYPOTHETICAL IMPERATIVE of life/n’world view

A hypothtical imperitive is an IF’. So, if I believe this this could/shoul happen : e.g. if I believe humans are optimistic and do have faith in the human nature/race. Then it could/shoul change my life and relationships, trust issues, business approaches, and happiness/self-esteem or even faith.

What’s the worse that can happen,
Do it and people will do it to
No1’s asking u to be naive: just rationally optimistic : its’ easier that way. eE.g. “ah i just missed that bus.. (goes/reverts to extremes irrational negative pessimism ‘that bus driver must be a cunt typ a thing”. Or, instead “ah i nmissefd that bus but it’s arlight he’s just doing his job, and making sure 1) the whole of the bus timetable runs smoothly ((waiting for one can slow down the general will of having all runn smoothly for the majority – u normally ahte it when the minority get their way 0 – and u normally hate it if there’s bus delays for the ir timetable.. therefore treat others how ud want to be treated and patiently wiat for the next, quick-running bus timetable”. Positive self-talk. “If u knew how important ur positive mind was..u’d damn near never think a negative thought” . U control ur moods, n  u label ur emotions with externatilitiees, n how u respond/react to them.

Cool, now ur optimistic andthinking of collectives: not takingthings so personally. and it constructs new ccustomary w ‘what if’ other people fllow that shittoo : then we got a world of happy people and itall hinges on decisions. And reactions, persistently. U can’t do this once but I promise it will show dividends if u marginally increase the postivie thoughts u have in the morning: can/often is being trivially /trilly about narcissicism like “damn im good looking”.. n shit like that n also appreciataing/clapping when others win more coz u understand they fought the battle of negativity in their own mind but won, just like u too.

Isn’t it just easier that way. Life is simple but ur mind complicates it.


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