Civil/political or economic/social freedom rights:

Negative liberty: free from any restraints at all. Savages
Positive liberty: some reasonable/legitimate authority, like police officers and schoolteachers/headteachers or politicians we peacefully, democratically (CAN)) vote for protect our collective interests and mitigate our individual pursuits. S’all good baby,baby ((I mean one thign that’s beeen on my mind lightly is look at all the light that can crall waut of the cracks of dark! – Biggie, Einstein, Drake, Dr Dre – all made it out of capitalism. Retain creativity)_

– I argue that civil/political rights have always been there all along. WE just temporarily abuse them coz we think we’re right/but more inmportantly we abuse them to make ourselfve s feel diff/temporarily alright. Like, when ur right to respect ur elders/mum is used ok but abused not ok to get ur own way like sneaking out of the house to do some stupid shit which really ud be better off staying in. But u live  learn.. n that lesson u leartnt gthe hard way..Just like everything else: there should be two educations: the school of life, and actual proper good institutions schioool. And laws, and rules, they were made for a reason. To protect us from anti-scoail behaviour. COol, an also a man should get /woman street smarts AND book smarts. Crucial really. All other “rights” are just a bullshit way to get proper laws indocstrinated which should have been many years ago like colour of skin and classes rights to higher/tertiary/white collar jobs / sectors. And sections/eschelons like. COol schweet. Now, this phony facade is to distract us, I belive from the real problem: socio-economic rights.

e.g. the right to reach ur full potential/talent and ((imperfect duty)
the right to be monetarily/econ subsistent (perfect duty) – Kant
the right to retire whenever the fuck we want coz after we’ve done what we’ve loverd we fukin wanna put our feet up. And , in my opinion, that’s ione of the few things the state SHOULDN’T do
the right to pursue our creative interests, whenever and what ever they may be by providing EVREYON! with the means of their own [production : e.g. this may even be the simpley of allittle ickle ting: like a pad and pen ((fair on this one – only 2 quid sainsburys basics in tesco))
I mean i find it wrong that right now some people can’t pursue their dreams coz they aint skilled/literate enough / business savy or have a normal profession and a loveable hobby/passion. Too stubborn really for their own good sometimes. No job beneath mme, or ypu. Cool. And boom, then u can get ur dream of beeing a musician, by consumer choice and us actually supporting our mates and lovers’ goofball ideas. Instead of fuckin shiting on them, support
Show love. Pursue, fight the grain and the grain changes.

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