Intro-verted Extro-vert

“Extroverts are often the most unhappy people” WHY MAN. coz CC they C got something to prove. Not me boi,

Cool. Boom, now so Im pretty much an interoverted extroverv typa bloke thing. But that’s cool that just means, I enjoy my own company, i need it fi recharge. Also, i crave social interaction. SOund liks ermost of us? well that’s coz it is most of us.
Go look it up or something. SCience, itch – but also question things tdon’t jsut go on what other people have taught u . That’s just a social constuct. Some of what we learnt at home just won’t be right/

Navigate ur own world and then u make the q”real” world these haters/’grown-ups’ talk about.

Warmer. COol, so basically also sometimes u dont’ like the person u did it with dat tt much as u like tjhe activity: e.g.” I was really sad when I broke up with muy ex-girlfriend coz we used to go for milkshakes all the time. But really, it wasn’t her i was missing. It was the milkshakes. So i bit the bullet and pulled the plaster off fast. Enjoyed it. Sweet” ((Direct queotes ere people – u lucky barsteads? POint ) made  COol


THen, rather use than fame. Utility over everyting? so if u really wana see a film, go see it by urself its sweet. Dont slet scoiety dictagte iu r interests. ANd, going for a wlak? Like it, do it alone? Working out? like it do it alone? drawing, rock climnbing, gyming, etc the list goes on. Be flxiblle, I MEAN ENJOY UR OWN FUCKING CMOPANY AND HERE UR OWN THOUGHTS. N sweet, reflect, don’t watch too muc h tv listen to all genres of dope muscic. Guilty pleasure.ETC shit. cool and also yeah share what u like, with really special people.

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