Allow me to make my case Ljust

– First premise: we all have a duty, to our fellow human. Why? Because, in the words of my mate, “altruism is an evolution of egoism”. And, rationally we should care for one another because our first political identificatio should be as what we are: human?! Fat, black, white, asian we’re all just manifestations of one species. And what seperates us from any other animals is our stream of consciousness and our ability to transcend primal/animalistic needs ((sometimes anyway. For the good of others. E.g. if I am hungry I can consciously, and rationally, temporarily object/fight that feeling ((emotive side of my brain) in favour of reason ((the rational part of my brain).

FOr instance, giving a homeless person food (the notion of no capital transaction counters critiques of “oh “they’re just gonna spend it on drugs anyways) and now to adress why their food is as important as urs. 1)) all life is innate: meaning just by being human, by the grace of God: it is sacred and should not be messed with. 2)) everyone’s careers, and more importantly, live,s have/has had a degree of luck Moreover, people’s subjective experiences shape them: u don’t know their life story just coz ur family’s relatively functional/rosy and loving ((whicih let’s face it, despite most of the imperfections ours” are) and who do u turn to for help? Family. Now imagine, no family, no dad, no mum, no paternal/maternal care. And all the resentment/affection issues that comes with like. Adoption? Potential: Psychological problems. Addiction: potential psychological problems. Wrong crowd? Yep: u guessed it. Also, I believe our common moral compass goes down if we as a species can just walk by and not help. Now, let’s briefly discuss inequality (a passion of mine and one that I’m partly socialised into, but I mitigate and dont like it, as well as setting ceilings and not spreading myself to thinnly over existing interest/hobbies as well as not getting into new hobbies that are expensive and uneccesary anyway when im a more afluent member of society. Cool, so u’ve just walked passed four homeless people with cahnge in ur pocket, and their parked up right they’re* next to a food shop and u didn;t think to pop in and feed em. that sustenance..a cheap frivolous snack to us.. could do them for a day. Now, quickly I know theyre are some hustlers but 1) u can tell real recognise real and 2)) just choose optimism for fucks sake. Helping someone. Somewhere, anyway then now what I don’t get is the ones who don’t help him but have a fucking RANGE ROVER?! Sorry to say it, no offence but i think they’re the most superflous, non-essential, piece- of / a shite to ever be indoctrinated into western culture. Theyre ite for off-roads but please tell me more about the fuckin forests and lakes u drove through on ur way to work in London or SaintAndrews?????? Mayhbe it’s for people with small dicks to comfort themselves, but jokes aside, problem is it manifests as people’s priorities: they would rather “seem” or “appear” to be doing “Good ” “matteriially” than help other people/charities/family’s/investements/schools/bills/electricity/new businesses creating jobs/commerce/e-commerce/designing websites/writing publishing/ or even just fucking saving up?! Now, that’s a real tragedy.

so just give someone a handout not a handup , a cookie even goes along way: don’t nburn urself to set urself on fire, and oddly enough it’s the poor who often give more (mahybe it’s coz we know what it’s like to have nothing) so don’t drown all ur income on it u still gotta eat, sleep, and have sex and passions (which in this world, is often dressing/looking nice for the fairer sex) but  yeah shit man once u got urs u should defintely give back. And, in the case of cookies there’s 5 in a bag so give him one u still got 4. Actually apply maths properly and goodly. For instance, we love 10% off vcoz it’s not much but it means something, that’s why I vow my busines will give to charity: the bigger amount we make, as a fixed percentage, the more we give back. Sweet, peace


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