10 Moral Commandments of Today/ Competition. 2 in 1

Special. COol, so these are my versions of the ’10 Big Ones To live a fulfilling life today’. N then, in the second half of this essay I’ll be giving u my thoughts on competition.


#1) Treat others as u’d treat urself. Manifests as self interest and comprimise. Equality/restraint.
#2) Call people. Bare, ur support network, ur family; ur friends. Make ur friends -> ur family.
#3) Never be too free. This manifests itself as cheating on ur girlfriend, getting into fights,
#4) Don’t gossip. Hate and jealously are weak/negative emotions for bitches. I stand by it . Big minds talk big ideas b. Me and my friends discuss everything from sports, basketball footbal, charity, music analysis, geeks, society, corruption, countries travel interests hobbies (those are good date talks btw mandem thank me later). And whatever else, only time we really talk about people is bitches we be chasing, or who’s doing well and salute/clap them and how they’re making money or how we can get a slice of that pie/.in.vest or do something similarly to them people or help them or they help us . cool . bless
#5 Don’t judge. Self-explanitory
#6 Ask the right questions. ASk people how they’re doing/why they’re doing it and mean it.
#7 Love. Ethically.
#8 Don’t live too excessively. Distinguish between natural desires and what u actually want/will make u better. Or excessive or society-driven stuff: live the life U WANT TO LEAD NOT WHAT OTHERS WANT U TOO!
#8 Work hard like really hardb cah when ur doing that it’s like addictive addictions, u thrive it u do it more u want mroe knowledge. Ur exerting ur full capabilities
#9) Follow the law. Rules are there for a reason: to help us all co-exist. Now, everyone’s imperfect granted but just don’t breach shit that affects ur future. Like one or twoo illegal actions are alright as long as u got good intentions, n do em responsibily AND they ensure all ur future actions can be legal and u can have a clean conscience.E.g. doing drugs, not too bad for perspective and a ickle rebellion but can fuck u in the long run so get outta the way and watch teh company u keep. AMaster ur habits, only do em on weekends.
that’s why it’s a 9-5 to keep u busy. ACcept legitimate authority like ur boss worked harder than u to get theer and someon1s gotta be the kid for someone to be the parent and for us all to get alonge etc. Cool, and submit urself to it clean-heartedly u dont really rule over any of ur domain. God does, and always someone bigger/better out there anyhway.. so just staty in ur own lane n do u . Never switch up on ur n*ggas btw, taht’s bad for ur health. N to keep u sober-ish . \Everybody needs some people to make dumbish decision s with though don’t get me wrong. From the start or the get go.
#10 Find , and then follow suibsequently, ur parssion.

– SO like have a hybrid of cultures: the chinese humbleness/humility or the Japanese dress sense. The British getting money and saving it or wahtever.
_ What i Call a hybrid – of religgions – for instance my old mans’ hindu and my moms’ is Christian so i learnt the 10 commandments and mindfulness
– i learnt to never take nothing too literAL
– and i learnt that God wants spiritual fruits not religious nuts.
so don’t take a book written centuries ago to the t , word for word, and to expect it to apply to modern day society?! Na b , it was written for foundations. THe holy books, all of them, area to guide ur moral compasses. Not to make them/

IT trumps most.. then there is Competition
So cool Rule #1 Find something, anything, that means aalthough they’re better than u objectively/empirically like monetarily.. u got that one thing
so i n th ecase of my super cool little brother, the kinda dude ur bird would leave u for if u brought her home lool ;). WEl,, yeah he’s in the sciences so he’s definetely gonna make more money than me and get a mortage sicker .. all a that lol. But, he aint seen the amount a crime/met as many pepole as me.. travelled all around the world and seen and done some messed up shit that changed his perspective as much  as me. So im cool with just letting him run with the stuff he is good at. It’s human nature so just let it be. He gone be better but I ‘ll still joking ly complet. and clap but not be passive: like he better have a damn good taste in trainers coz my creps gone be on point on his come up. Lol . That’s trivial but that’s life though ay. Cool and im judt happy , genuinely, that he’s impacting the world in a different way. Science: and that he understatnds some stuff he’ll never eunderastand and is content in God and some questioning, like a lot of sciences just take stuff for face value n learn what other n*ggas already learnt. Cool and otehr dudes and birds are dope too. Like creadit whree credit’s due if ur smarter/more intelligent than me and ur doing something i cant/wont do then hats off to u i aplaude u. But ima still do me: coz we all have a duty to fullfill our potentiality.

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