State’s /Governments’ sort it out.

There are two plagues of our time: The projects, and The Developing World.

Imagine…. eing born into an area where no1 gave a shit about education. Negative cultural sterotypes were perpetuated. Narratives. Care. And imagine being born into an are where noone owns -nothing. They lease it or they rent it. Imagine an area where junkies are like ‘walking zombies’, and little kids gotta see’ that shit just coz of who their parents are. Inherited poverty. Tragic Longevity. Post-traumatic slave disorder / or post-traumatic broke disorder. Moving on, they aint got no mobility, their structure heavily impinges , and impacts upon, their agency and is their freewill even that free? Ur environment shapes u, ur experiences and more importantly ur ideas make u. Education changes u, for the better – actually scrap that. Education improves u but these people can’t hope for schools when they druel for food. This society places heavy potency on the idea that ur younger – life decisions shape the entirity of the rest of ur life. But yet these girls still fuck up , by fucking, without protection and kids are having kids: they get kids and then they don’t get a second chance.. Imagine not mixing with any1 from any different backgrounds. Im agine being born into an area that is predominantly stigmatised by successive Tory governments and right wing thinkers seeking to make money off of them, keep em out of the way/maintstream, deplete or take away their rights n dignity and rob them of good quality services.. coz they get the free ones they may as well not invest in them? Huh, schoolcare? Education, healthcare? Anyone gonna help em? No, but we’ll throw in some poice stigma, and brutality and hope they help themselves or make it out of there – u should make it out, but u should go back too. They see posh people as the enemy, they see themselves as their enemy? But everybody needs friends. Imagine being born into an area where it is systematically, and structurally set up so u live and die there with little or no quality of life economically or freely. U have negative liberty. Ur completely free: free to die, free to fight, free to do crime, free to chose. But, no structures. Imagine, when u are trying to better urself, against all the odds – that people then throw shade in the form of ur accent, or the way u dress, or other shit whihc resembles, rightly so, who ur parents r n where u come from. Well you may have to imagine, but i don’t. And nor do i hate it, i love it, but i wanna improve it. #EMPATHISE #PROJECTLOVE.

Ok, now imagine all of that^ AND plus there’s no clean water. Welcome to the developing world my friend.

Sometimes, “they” have no arms, sometimes they beg with no legs. Round the corner there’s Mumbai, and some curry mucher who’s a millionaire. But in this corner there’s little or no limbs and even less sympathy. No healthcare, no education. The state’s not doing its job. Joke of a system but i hope ull listen u really can be the social-cultrual cahnge u wanna see in the world. #HANDUPSnothandouts. U gotta account for slavery, and imposing/imperealisstic wars, but then u wanna tell me laizzes-faire and leave em alone? No, ur a fraud I see through ur right wing smoke and mirrors. Don’t be ahistorical and dont be naive. THese people need help. And here’s how:

Right so here are the tragic, fuckin’ heartbreakin/eart bleedin sorrows of the theoretical assumptions, and social constructs of the world today, but here’s how to he;p?

So boom: – #1) WATER AID
NGO. Funding gap. Nearly 1 in 10 people in the world live without clean water, oh sorry tell me more about ur boring job? Around 79% goes straight to deprived areas in the Phillipenes, and Uganda. The other 21ish% goes to fundraising for raising more money. Now these projects are massively expensive and one pump costs like 150$ ((For the us readers u can give to the massively efficient charity:water which has helped around 6.1 million people have clean water in 10 years). So 15$ is not that much, but is actually 10% toward achieving safe drinking water in a local  community. A starving/or thirsty man is not free so by ensuring they have clean water they can then go focus their energy on other important aspects of being a human being: like imperfection, or going to get an education/job/property/etc.
– It ensures the protection of people’s innate, and most basic right, the right to live. And, it ensures better re-distribution of the planet’s most naturally abundant resource: water. But it is expensive and it does require close attention. And optimism, rational optimism. And results. Also, in the South, some people do not have toilets: it is literally a ‘hole in the ground’ ((whicih is more comfortable than u think i must say, after many a shit in Bangladesh) However, quality of life is marginally improved with actual toilets: and wateraid pay a plumber to construct a toilet in a village for just 120£.
– Actually a good form of cultural imperealism?

= Now, along the same lines of helping those who cannot help themselves. #2: AMF : Against the Malaria foundation, consistently voted by comparison sites live give well as the top most efficient and well-performing charity , consistently. So the basic premise/intent for giving to AMF? Is well, we are very fortunate spatially: we are in the UK so there are for example, spatially and by coincidence of geo-politics, no earthquakes so we are extraordinrily blessed not to have to suffer the physical/economic loss that comes with those natural disasters. Similarly, our region of the world does not have mosquitos nor does it suffer from Malaria; hence We shouldnt not only be grateful/blessed but appreciative that our cousins/brothers and sisters in othere parts of the world also do have malaria and terrible illneses that compete with the over-growing list of modern ailments too not only is their society fucked, like ours, but their actual health is. Now, morally this should arguably, logically, upset ur own moral compass objectively if we as a human race, and humanity, subjectively allow these wrongs to be done to one of our own. Furthermore, these kids can die as young as 10. They have, due to genetics and intelligence/IQ facts just in a sheer statistical sense the chance of one of these little boys, or girls being the ‘next Einstein’ or child genius, or coming up with potentially the cure for cancer: but instead he/she died at age 10 and couldn’t have the education, nor health, to have the chance to unlock their full potential. Now if that ain’t wrong i dunno what is.

– we’ve come a long way but still have far to go.
– Microfinance like sending ur relatives money through Western UNION or, just givning to NGOs ensures that we counteract/prempt/work around authoritarian/dictatorial or corrupt regimes around the world to really give power to the pepole, and help to the people.
Afterall we’re all just people, the President grew up in Haiiwai man the boot could be on the other foot..

To see the world has something wrong, that’s insight.
To do something about the wrong, that’s moral duty.

Ya beauty why aye.

Fuck , writing’s exhausitin

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