WHERE to travel

For a dope perspective;

  • Asiaa: = Bangladesh/India. WHy? for no pressure, enjoyment, cuisine, culture, South East Asia: is particularlly and especially renowned for beautiful women, and even more beautiful weddings to marry them to. The water may not be that blue, but neither will u be! Go for a swim, check out some real shit:
    – Also good for: seeing REAL poverty, the extremes; the gap between rich and poor. Which is humblin. And may also be a driving force for determination to help people.
  • Australia: Long haul.
  • The States: luxury, decadence. Hedonism, big/grand scale. Hippy/hipster socialism n’ sharing. Maybe coz u need id for drinks under 21 u gotta be sharin’ straight off the bat with the older homies):D! . shit n lifestyle or good edm popular/mainstream tunes. Easy rides: smooth pavement. Nice big SUV vehicles n’ non-judgemental/sports-driven chill culture.
    Artist poppin: Lil uzi vert ((feat WIz
  • Japan/China: Non-Westernimperalism and Eastern philosophy like Wui Wei ((google it). OR ((ying-Yang) BaLANCE.
    Non-monetary kindness, wisom, and japanese art of war. SAMURAI.
  • The counntryside: anywhere.
  • London/Britain : culture, streetwear, hood love, anarchism, POPPIN.
  • perspective. poetry: Controversially; street poetry n’ Keith ape for Korean rap.
  • South Korea, or is it north> : For isolationism
  • Jamaic: “fi ____ u know what ;)”
  • Brasil: sports, Olympics
  • Sicily.Italy: beautiful, renaissance.
    Scotland: dope views, countryside, looking after people, idylic left-wing policies. Like low tuition fees for example. N no coppin alcohol after 10. Also, castles. Lots a fuckin castles for tourists n; hsit.

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