Scared money don’t make NO money.

Ownership made the first ((economic) slaves. Cowardice kept them slaves.

– Own ur own shit: make money, teach and share. One must transfer strength: into being right. To legitimately wield authority u have to have a reason: to make things better, the world a better place, for people. Potentially, under u. A good ruler, allows u to make urself/become a leader. Don’t just aimlessly follow, but balance this with, don’t step out of line too much. Surviving, adapting, and progressing that’s the tricolon u must juggle. And shit:. Right angel. :. Rebel where and when, it is fitting or timely.

– ‘The secret to good business: is being a good middle man’  Network.


‘either the Kings are Gods. Or men are beasts’.

Paradoxically, both are true. So , accept the paradox and u will find peace, but change: mitigate the Kings: becoming less Godly, and men, becoming less beastly: is progress


Legislative. Social. Cultural. CHaritable. Governance. NGO.

Micro-finance, consumer choice. Agency –> Structures –>

Social constructs
Belief . Systems

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