Difference? ChangeS?

Someone asked me to write about how/what it’s like to come from NorthWest London, overcome some rough stuff/poor stuff.. but without getting too much into that just now ((we will at some later point though)))).. It was alright, but I do agree with the person insomuch that : I have gone through a lot of stuff because of it, and a lot of that stuff was at a young age.

So, lemme just point out firstly there are STILL alotL a’ similarities: like i still like getting drunk/high far too often for my own good, still fuck with the same people, still talk slang, and still don’t like being too overtly well dressed all of the time/having a posh or overtly vein lifestyle. So thats’ all cool stuf, n then there is also the idea that I transcend the place i am in. So when i was in ‘the hood’ / or even when i go back, regularly, I’m still on the same old shit.. tryna stay outta trouble and tryna make some money.. Then, I also try to treat everyone equally.. I don’t really care tbh “I talk the same way to my bestmate as  I would do to the Queen”. – Rajard Kipling said it’s good/noble to speak the language of the ‘common people’ but walk with Kings and I genuinely do still have that intervewer inquiry to ‘poshos’ same way as  I talk to the more humble/less status collected among us. But , I do still maintain some amount of natural hierarchy will and should exist, and no1 will ever or should ever be completely equal: it should just be we all have the right to go about life however the fuck we like, without enquiry/subject to scrutiny ((fame/media) and a private life as well as achieving public good and fighting for minorities etc. And, not forgetting where we’re from or where we started/have been or to have empathy. Cool. Freedom and shit, and conscienciousness.\

“Commitment” It don’t work like that and ” u can take the boy out of ends but u cant take the ends ot of the boy.
I also have the ability to know beter and DO better: so i’ve eomce more of a man of action, and i learn from my mistakes, and understand that although I am independent,  Ican be codependent at imtes, and I still need people in my life, mutual favours, money , advice, talks, companionship, walks, schooling/teaching, someone to enjoy activities with etc. And, there’s a sort of healthy distance and space between me and even some of the people im closest to .. and shit, I aint’ gotta fuss no more about people outside of my circle: people will always have a different perspective; and u can’t force no1 to do nothin’. SO just keep ur head down and comprimimsie.. now that’s tdiplmoacy: ensuring u meet urself interest without harming no1 els’e s s ability to reach tehir own. COMPASSION.

– STILL asking bare questions: wherther that meansed tstaying back at my state school to talk to the teachers coz she had to big a class size n we weren’t doing our sjob at students properly ((by being quiet, and respectful at appropriate times, not rebellng coz understanding 1) she’s only human too 2) we’re all poor toghetre 3)) we’re in the same boat as in her HELP wil lget us grades whilch’ll get us more money../more perspective n’ oprrportunities in lataer life. ££4) Books are knowledge passed down dfrom us, sometimes by dead oeople so u can immortalise their words and learn form their msitakes too 5)) we could’ve just waitied to till break to talk 6) the environent is what we make it and all teachers work hard so give em a chance >. N ist was too tough to tdo her job coz in state system there’s less good infrastruecruter, and recreation./leisuere, and way more cbigger calss sizes so the teacher aint got the chance.nor time to go round to everyne. REcscpcek.

now the differenceS: I basically have my own money, so I don’t have to really ask anyone for anything, and I just still help people becasue now I can share with like a surplus whereas before me and the homies would split to account for a deficit. Same ambition, same drive, just more goal. S . Passon persists. And , little shit like I don’t really have to get emaressed about money no more: back in the day not having much lunch money makes u kinda compare urself, even to ur mates, but now i’ve learnt i should never judge, and just get my own so we’re on like a level playing field: and then the rest of the differences are: taste and priorities/preferences. S’all good. Also, now I got a little more stability: taht comes with any legitimate job/sourec of income: it’s just continutyi and then u gotta decide ur legacy. Also, being a student means life’s more full on so I’m like forced to priorityse istuff, and manage my time effectively. And, even then student life ain’t too tough on stability: just gotaa have afaith and patience that 1) people have done it before u, n are like u : ethnic minorities/broke. 2) everyone struggles with it and the faith is that the path pay off: at the end there atre grad shemesr.

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