In my humble opinion

Here’s what I think: in my roomm at universitym, surrounded by JD and other less popular forms of alcohol. Suicidal thoughts on my mind, planning to listen to some hood shit tomorrow, like Meek mill or something ((maybe that’s the first time ever Meek Mill has been used in a commed-ish whatever the fuck grammarheads call it – sentence), and Im wanting to listen to Biggie but shit man i just aint got the time. They say time is money butman it aint coz if we ever go broke time’s all we ((should) got.

_ Sad init – routines, capitalism, money, soceity and basiaclly bollocks shape ur existence. I wanted to go bed early n just get up n create (Lego or cycle or write or read or make music) but no i cant do that shit coz some plonker within the Capitalistic system decided to socially construct the social “norms of a working day and a fuckin breakfast hour. I wanna sleep when i want do what i want and eat and shit as I please in a more fluid, reactionary system where I actually listen to my body and innate desires and passions not be coniditoned by counteless shitty pointles unmeanfinggful interactions with fake people. nstead im conditioned to think ah better no t do that fun thing coz im broke and aint got the money. or i got some money but too much repsonsibility and work, and a schedule to not enjoy money.EARLY RETIREMENT das all man wants.

Boom, balanced with some producitivety aof course  iaint no couchy potato. Get tae fuck ya wee prick. Now, I was thinkin about superhereos – spose u do – and now i think i still always fuck with batman but the saying: we adore batman when we’re “growing up” ((as a child) but when we’re older we empathise with the Joker.

A letter to Theresea May

  • Health, is a problem we all know – but not everyone knows the normative ((define term: Google) solutions.
    – So here are the solutions: change the nature of a structured, unproportionaly paid wage/salary (interesting mute point)) wages are by the hour, salaries are paid by the year. Both are for basic survival needs such : as food. And this one is imo a pretty particularly bad job, in terms of lifetime pursuit ((ur career is now so many hours of yr work , 8 hours if u got a nine to 5 so a 40 hour week) but yeah then in terms of boom; the healthcare “prescription/pharmaceutical reps) are : in my opinion a case of structure affecting agency, improperly structured economic systems ((eg commision/bonus negatively impacting one’s work ethic catered to selling more drugs not the right ones nor the ethically improved/appropeved or healthily competiting with other companies; bigger and smaller companies too – this point;ll be important soon bare with me) but yeah boom they basicall fuckin just have to churn the stuff into doctors that don’t really want em nor do they know if their products are rationally better for teh patients on the customer-care side of things. n TThat but yeah so what happens is a poorly structured ((and inflated, thus attractive ) wage when really, here are my , and my medic student friendss’, opinion.
    – so what can happen is this: instead of commision and a high asalary they get competition, fairly spread-informatio n, and genuine patient conerns for utility not bulk sales which were previously rewarded financially through afore mentioned commision.

    – So now what u have is a sales-rep who’s pretty humble, paid by the hour so argubaly less stressed (according to Rousseau Capitalism can and will generate emotive and human nature manifestations or responses) so like instead they just cater to genuine demand and not the current Neo-Liberal (contra)) injection of fuckin supply-led demand. Think about it. Thought it fthrough? Now what? So they’re paid like 27k a year and theyr’re getting a pool of scietnitst to DO THE PROPER JOB AND GET THE PROPER pay so now what u have is 1)) redistubtion of wealth, subtly and implicity, and then they can now GIVE TO THE SCIENTISTS the commision/extra-bonus financial incentive to do well, whcih is all commision is b, but basically b the thing is that its cool cah now they just do well and the “sales-reps” can just be “drugs reps” who give the good drugs to the relavnt areas and their screening/briefing can be plug the best amount into the best slot instead of “plug just one thing for just one company” ((this too could unfortunately be formed by a uninamous body like representing all pharmaceutical companies – manifesting in practice as something like a ‘IGO” coz its like A PHARMACEUTICAL-BOARD-OFHEALTH .. and htus its all good and scientists are getting the best drugs produced, doctors and medicine are left seperate from money and potentially pharmaceuticall-reps can get peace of mind, improved quality of life, longer appointments with doctors, and not the stress of tenure of labour nor immorally plugging big bulk low utility things for the sake of appeasing their job-industry structures, bosses and pay hierarchy.

    Publically regulated body: Thus pubkic-sector jobs
    – and employment ensuring ALL companies offer wide-varities of scietnifcally backed up stuff like for anti-hystemene and sold at a lower quantity to save money in the public sector, less pressureised salses tactics, nd like an impact on society/the NHS healthcare industry
    Cool. Now that switches up and is relatively resourceful and revolutionary. Vive la slow and gradual progress.

    pretty good right? FUCK JEREMY HUNT AKA CUNT

    – K.R. matee

    Sopeaking of which could be enacted by a two pronged approach of private scetor to sort ish uot and the public sector slow but natural change, legislative FUCKIN change.


Some are made to be fooled/adapted/mitigated Some are made to be folloed, all are made ith the intent of mutual, collective habitation

TherefTfore, rulthuse noo 1 : Do not judge, lest thee be hudged too ((Bible)
– – 2) Don’t hate. Appreciate create. innovate, ask urself why ur envious of others n then seek to better urself UR GODD_GIVEN SELF not lower them.
– Make ur disadvantage ur advantageL with me i grew up poor, but to cut a long stonry short, it just means I cCan handle what life throwa st me better.
– Have heroes, become like them.
State, individual led inestment is the best like. See what u like, and make it better. E.g. education could be just being a better student
= -Be moral 6))))))
7) Don’t be too bad. WE’re all only human. Imparfait. Cependent, one can also be good or mitigatedly bad like if ur gonna have an affair tell ur girlfriend why after and work on it?! Open n honest communication is key. Crucial vital. Communication saved the nation iI was raised in.
8) Don’t be afradi to change the world: here’s how we still have a long way to go : Technology, Biology (malaria, dibates, and cancer cures) DNA, maps, genes, underwater exploration, spacce tracel, and political ideologies this is where man is still relatively unventured and whree our co-operativee structures and potential TT lies. Cool, and where we’re good at.
– Paradigm shift

If all the world is losing their nut, but u can remain calm. Then u have grown up a bit, more on why u should never fully conform/”grow up” in the socialised, boring, western narrative of the word form Epistomology laetr.

France pt 2 the solution —-

  • Make food cheaper : this could be done by growing locally//reducing taxes or tariffs. Creating more jobs by employing people eg as cleaners ((the city of Paris is filthy) and u get a win-win because by them being employed ur net getting more income tax ((although granted losing on their version of vat because of the cheaper food afore mentioned b) but then cool you can have the subsidiary benefit of more tourism, and less economic leakage due to Paris being clean so not only do people visit but u can potentially retain visitors through maps , people speaking english, infrastructure, a tightenting up on road security, human pr Governmental Health/Awareness ad campaigns about the importance of speed limits in reduing casualties, following the law, and not running red lights because if the boots on the other foot and ur the pedestrian ud be annoyed – this could subsequently slightly alter the city culture.
    – – also fucks aske paris – ians fix up English aint that bad why u always hating we coming, often with our girlfriends, just tryna enjoy ur beautiful city of lights (we learn a bit a french u could try learn a ickle bit of english) remember our roots as allies n shit and yeah ool boom pick each other up and help economic growth in the regon.. despite brexit we still geographically close proximity to y’all. Encourage French people to travel more to London too just to see that we too are welcoming for yall. And, the eurostar is so nice but no offence maybe invest a little in the French-side of things and clean up both policing and the streets. Holistic effect.
    Improve redistribution of wealth by improving education.
    Traffic lights more efficient and clear road de-lineations of where drivers should stop and wait. Employ more traffic cops and train em up thus creating jobs and bottom-up growth. They pay taxes they shop. Cool.
    _ Fuckin I get cultural isolationism but DONT BE BLIND TO CHANGE. People , not jusat in England, are frequently speaking Enlgish and language can create new neuron pathways so itcould be a good societal-linguistic-cultural change in effect a well as  an improved solidarity that we have a commonality not only of trade, and likeness of our both equally loved and visited cities, but a friendliness and solidarity too.
    – To tackle homelessness charity presence could be stronger and tourists could also give money to them/buy off street vendors in order to bring the botom up not pull BUT the top down.


Cigarrettes and balconies
– sort out ur politics. CHEAP FOOD IS THE KEY TO SOCIAL LEVELLEING/social mobility and economic/CRETIVAE productivity.
And in Paris, it’s fuckin ridiculous?! What jobs do they do to be able to afford 16 fuckin Euro for a burger and chips?! ANd ? What why is it so expensive?
– Beautiful place but love hate : like that girl u really anna shag but u know she;ll break ur heart anywway
– Bit anarchic in a bad way eg no common decency with./when it cocme s to crossin gg the road b oh and WATCH OUT the zebra crossing looking things ARENT ZEBRA and boom the city’s a bit dirty but nice Le Louvre;s class oh and be humbled dont go in arragontly assuming everyone assumes speaks english – coz they fdont just google the stats for french and english speaking parisians or rest of the world speakin engglish for that shit

21st Century role models

  • Btman: he’s not the hero that Gotham wants, but he is the hero that Gotham needs. Self-explanatory; perceived u ndesireable altruism but necessary vigilante to import morality and a just cause into inner-city Politics – it’s that – or migrate- ;))
    – Spiderman: With great power comes great responsibbility. Charity, sharing – promotion/raising awareness ; essential ethical advertising is how social conscientiousness would manifest, for me, in the 21st century. Some rich./powerful/influential people could really take a leaf out of our favourite “friendly neighborhood” drug-dealer, oh shit no i mean  Spiderman..N also so cool and sick is that he stays humble n isn’t tempted or swayed.
    = like the ‘higher up’ the ladder he goes: or when success creeps he doesn’t blindly fall fi its piftfulls or be diverted from a noble cause regardelss of exposure/media ((that guy with the tash at the newspaper lol).
    – Mike Ross. Suits
    – Harvey Spectre. Also ‘Suits’ cracking watch on Netflix and really good screenplay tbh (im quite geeky bout fuckin shows)) so u can pleasure at the old directing. Check it
    – Lewis Hamilton. Racers, like many other sportsmen and sportswomen are often just so cool coz they train hard and are used to traversing the media spotlight, filtering out truely good causes from scammers, and just all-round well-centred,rounded,grounded people who love what they do, respect their fans and keep the passsion for it.
    – Serena Williams. Dope girl.
    – Rupert Grint? Whoever that ginger donnny is cool. Ginger, but didn’t get bullied, and embraced banter when he just went with the flow and got/jumped in Ed sheerans video
    – Emma Watson. Put it like this, i’d not mind if my hypothetical daughter looked up to her bruh
    – Michelle Obama: i know i get called out for looking up to the oObama’s too much but honestly i think they’re the best contemporary family in the White House in a long while, again similar to old points they’re good at retaining a degree of normality despite a high profile job, and moreover they are sick at keeping media spotlight tactically, and sporadically, off them. And yeah, what a First Lady. She highlights how any position of scrutiny can really be embraced and actually used with utility to speak to the youth/younger generation or relaly just relay good shit to a wider audience and reach ppl.
    – Rory McIlroy. Same as before. But also, he’s Scottish
  • J cole. Just go ahead and listen to his song role models one more time. I think ery1 knows how i feel bout rappers but il go head make it clear for some of yall who dont get it twisted but basiaclly: they’re sick and they’re the modern day social commentators ((all musicians, granted) fi talk shit and make/CREATE art so cool boom they is poets.
    – Nuts. TThen here’s De Caprio, Da Vinci, Leonardos right what a namesake, then there’s Jackson POllock and yeah all other artists who have a bit more than meets the eye: Banksy too.

    Guess I just really like thinking of stuff, and then bringing it to life

Caught in a Trance

First off I’d like to apologize for my extensive break on publishing anything on this blog. That’s my bad and hopefully the next time I take a break it won’t be nearly as long. I’d also like to thank my partner in crime on this blog for continuing to post in my absence to keep you all returning here for new content. So without further ado, I’ll get right into it haha.

I used to find it interesting that if I really (and I mean REALLY) relaxed, I could truly find myself in somewhat of a trance state. It was something that surprised me in that before I was able to key into such a state, I though it was all hocus pocus hogwash that should’ve just been disregarded. See I’m not the type that’s going to stand up on my little soap box and preach about the benefits of sitting there meditating but I will talk about what it should been seen as relative to the negative stigmas that it usually carries.

I’d like to first begin with saying that this isn’t some drug fueled rant about dropping shrooms and mellowing out but actually bringing yourself to a euphoric state without any chemical enhancers or inebriates. I’d also like to note that I’m not typically very anxious so if you the reader are, I’m afraid to say I don’t know how to help getting past the anxiety in order to really calm yourself down.

Typically if I’m trying to relax, I’ll find a nice quiet place and lie down. I’ll try to make myself as initially comfortable as possible by making sure that I don’t have any part of me bent or lying in a position that over time would get uncomfortable. Once I’ve done that, the next part is the most tedious and difficult part to get right but once you’ve got the hang of it is rather easy. If you look up articles on self-hypnosis, often times things are said about feeling the weight of your body in different areas which is great for relaxing anyways. For instance, if you start telling yourself to feel your head push into the ground as it feels like a large bag of sand, you’ll start to perceive the weight of your head to be heavier and heavier. Basically what you’d need to do is form a routine by which you convince yourself that you’re getting heavier and heavier as you work your way around your body until you’re convinced you’re pressed to the ground with the goal of feeling so heavy that you can’t lift a single part of you. Eventually you should arrive at a point where you’re really only within your own head (so to speak) and from this point on the main focus should be just to stay awake hahaha. Throughout the whole relaxation period, you’re your own coach. You get yourself to relax and once you’ve made it to within your own mind, you guide your thoughts from there. The most I’ve managed was to emulate a feeling of weightlessness (ironically) and then onto a feeling of floating up into the air and out the window into the sky above. I know what you’re saying to yourself, “Well that’s it, he’s finally cracked,” but I can assure you that all of this stuff is basically just really advanced daydreaming is all. It’s basically conscious dreaming where the difference between lucid dreaming and this lies in the fact that you make sure that you don’t go to sleep to achieve this effect (lucid dreaming, though it gives off a much stronger sensation, is much more difficult to get the hang of anyways and you actually have to go to sleep haha).

Another great alternative which really helps me to relax when I only have a little while to chill out is to find an album that is quite calming for the most part and to go outside to a place where I can lie down. I get into a comfortable position and look for a focal point out in the distance just about as far as my horizon allows me. Now I’m not suggesting to stare at this point but try not to let your vision drift and after just a little while, your vision will start to focus solely on what you’re attentive to and all of the rest of your surroundings will start to fade around you.

So why am I stating any of this? Why does any of this matter? Well in keeping with my life mantra of making sure to stop and smell the roses to really appreciate what’s around me, this also can allow me to do this while also taking a bit of a personal journey (especially the former strategy as I am my own coach to relaxation). It’s also very soothing to be able to help yourself reach these points rather than someone else as not only do you feel accomplished that you have the power to do this to yourself but I feel like there’s another level of comfort there relaxing to your own internal monologue. No matter what it takes, we all have our own beasts to quell and relaxation is one of the tools we can rely on to better prepare ourselves for our daily battles.

I thank you all for giving this a moment to read and any inquiries can be directed to

Love yourself so that you may love others. Thank you.



Political ‘Parties’ TTeams

Labour should@
NIMO: – tow party lines
– If u had a Lecister City’FooFball plauer then he went to Arsenal ud be like what the fuck, doe sn’t ssuit the style of play/Manager/Corbynism So ud tell him/her to fuck off. Now imagine that , but with lie htem takin one match only.
–  U have to listen/volunatryily comply with some stuff in order for a society or even footnall team/blody politcal partyCompliance equals goodg shit: teamwork makes the dreamwork.

Agree on what u agree on n then believe not eveyrthingg is fi everyine u know. Can alwasy have 1)) politics at inan intdivudal googd scale. Gucc. Cooll louNow also good is to 2) can have a strong shadow/Cabinett if need be to direct him/gear him towards more rrpraggers/’pragmatic matic policies in order tot get along n deal with what God Gave us of the earth n thus fuck iGGet shit going by say appelaing to Cobrbyn’s sene and sensibility of building more houses for the state sector to not colollapese. netithere for and also don’t worry or let it coollapese or ise face over-population n too high, unmangasgenal demand. Suplpy-led economics is the best for a domsetci natTTuion.
Dont’ agree with Corby. Vote for somethingg better then or run urself

What’ll Kill u

Fast Weed: take it slow, watch ur drug intake ((only like two spliffs a night, spaced iiout ))ironically) ; and a H fuckin not on weekends

= Fast women: consent, dont get uuem drunk that’s u being lose o and ur game not being good enough really n truely monogoumous chill, get to know her shit is good and when ur not fucked off ur face on alcohol so again like first post know ur limits, learn from ur mistakes, dont go too far, and do not cross boundaries like personal space n look after drunk people,, dont take the piss, if u from ends dont drink to drown sorrows do u do good text her and a rrange a meet up not too many one night stands u become soulless. Z

Someone please do it PLEAS

#1: fuckin make a dope film about nowadays, with the best coloured/sound actors, and put it in black-andwhite lets revive that film sty;e coz it makes sht look life its reflective. And , like it could show all the bad things, bad bosses misusing authority; corrupt and unequal pay structures’ politicans lying ot us’ western /euro centric media and lies, cultural appropriation and core periphery problems/troubles or pursuits. And just make it a dope film, and its b;acl and white so it’s a fuilling prophecy cz it is  no more.

#2.1:: is that shit there wher instead of benefits street, which single-handely wiped out communal pride in the hood or trackies for older women. WE could now have “posho” street where its like shit, they turn their noses up at everyone, and never give to charity or the socially conscioucne..

I would do it, and might still but i aint currently got the resources, camera equipment, structures, networkds, people or the balls to do it. So im just coming up with a good idea thats my gift to u g and its in the cultural zeitgeist now so shit tell a friend b and mayub one day someone1 of a different genereation slightly will make it. The old die, and with them die their old ideas.