Mental health

  • Be supportive
    – Be communal: even if u live in’the hood’ u can ask how people r doign, genuinely/n not be obsessing./fixated with only “power and status” / wealth but actually waag1 with ur personal life/girlfriend/hobbies/footie/team/mum/family.. JUST spread some fucking positivity for once
    – ‘Be kind coz everyone u meet is fighting a battle’ – Plato, I think
    – Listen to some music, write, draw, or be creative as ur heart sees fit.. it’s therapeautic SUIT UP.
    – CALL SOMEBODY. we all need somebody to lean on.
    – Let ur disadvantage be an advantage: u’ll know what this means, subjectively
    __- with me I have a ickle bit of ocd so i just use it to pray more, n have a little jobe or banter with my mates about it.
    – Be comfortable, dont be dressing how others want u to just do ur own thing.
    – Fix up: any negative in ur life u can control/mitigate so for instance I really like getting drunk .. but I mitigate/controlla it and only drink on weekends.
    Also if it’s a person, in particular, ur having trouble iwth ((coz that can REALLY bring us all down, like fear of losing them or that speical person who’s supposed to always be in ur life, ; but is now in it and problematic) then be that little bit extra kinder to them, like “begfriending’ as we call it in our neighbourhood but actually sincerely n ul see they’ll reciprocate  it.
    so it’s still all good.

    – Some money’ll set u free, but Security is what WILL really bring u happiness./Freedom.

    – Only compete with the u of yesterday, or healthy bants with people u actually know like who can get the nicer aiforce out of u n ur opals. Money can’t buy taste. N dont be competing with a stranger just let em live. WOrk out. what really matters.
    sleep early, it’s a little easier life hack to making ur day shorter 😉 too much free time is devilish

    Treat urself in other ways.. eg a dominoes instead of a bottle.. just as much pleasure. Not so much pain. #OnlyDrinkInAGoodMOod.

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