If ur sitting here reading this and ur white/upper middle class or old..just know u’ve probably got it very sweet. Firstly let’s address why: u ((predominantly) don’t give to charity, or have a periphery nation-esque struggle: i.e. trade and infrastructure is pretty fuckin’ decent. Also, u don’t often get racially profiled: like people ((security) following u around shops thinking u’ve stolen something coz ur skin tone don’t match theres. Then there’s also the empathy and pity that some minorities carry: it can manifest as an inferiority complex, or a post-traumatic slave disorder for some races and a constant need, and pressure, to ‘prove’ yourself. Still reading? Ok cool, sorry to be so provocative and controversial: but it’s the world we ((partly) live in. And, ((partly) it’s because a lot of it is true and we must adress these socio-economic/racial tensions – before it’s too late. ((unmaximising of profit/un-secure property  due to a surge in crime, inequality, health concerns due to an elitist health system, taxation issues because of a lack of proportionality/representation, equity, or fairness.. n also because there will always be a majority.)) If u is part of the majority u shouldn’t take it for granted, and could potentialise empathise with the afore mentioned, collective, minority rights issues (class/race) AND also champion them, instead of narrow-minded, self-perpetuating/reinforcing self-interest.

Cool, so now just like in democracy, a strong opposition is key. The afore mentioned ‘white’ majority wihch currently has an economic tyranny in our world ((due to afore mentioned cultural hegemonies, core-periphery, and economic chains and unconsunual permanently life long work contracts in order to just eat and obtain goods from the otherwise self-sustaining, subsistence agricultural industry, which there is A LOT of money in, but only a few keyplayers: super-markets/TNCs. But, u know on a side note u could create ur own/go to organic food markets/stalls that have been increasingly popping up as part of a part of consumer choice and market responsivity as well as partly a rebellion against the afore mentioned lack of choice, and the now newly, mentioned expensiviness yet paradoxically essential nature of the goods: fruits, legumes, vegetables, and chicken they sell. Livestock in particular could be demand-led to reduce supply intensive farming for instance. That would be an example of a majority: carnivores, conceding party to a minority on common ground: vegetarians and the idea that we need to be sustainable to avoid natural disaster and passing ‘tipping point’ with the Earth”s natural response/negative feedback and coping mechanisms which could potentially end the whole, collective of humanity as a species of animals.
Also, in this case the minority may never come intro the majority (nor should it, in the Hegelian/ugenics idea that history will produce the best coz, despite struggel, it’s like a 2:1 step back ting with the human race and humanity is ultimately, despite setbacks, headed towards a moral, ethical end goal. As opposed to fussing about the means overtly. Controversial again. Ok , so some basic ideas for revolutionary thought so far: 1)) avidly oppose, and critically, voice ur concerns about any majorities that seem to be running shit but u don’t know why/how and why no1’s calling them on their bullshit: like ‘formal  equality’ but substantial inequality.’ and also, how like fucking the undercurrent/subculture or non-mainstreeam are good to casue tension and breed/perrpetuate cultrual, imagined, change. ‘If u don’t stand for anything, ul fall for nothing.

– RIght so, now presumably the audience this has hit home with most is the poorer of us, or more humble and those of us from ethnic backgrounds/minorities. Right, so also no offence to any white people i am also half white but our race has fucked up. Gotta call a spade a spade right.
Cool, now also there is this, unsettling but overtly optimistic idea: if everyone’s fighting for equality how can we enjoy it?

So, we’ve come a long way, and women for example: can now vote because the suffragetes, and enlightened- predominantly Liberal /or Radical thinkers have campaigned avidly, and made it a life-long goal to help people like them. But now, that begs the question: why don’t women now enjoy the freedom they have. E..g. vote and get jobs. Number 1)) it’s hard to do so because most good people never get complacent and women still wanna smash it in terms of the job market: e.g. earn more than their male counterparts or be on some CEO/high earning/reaching or even influential position in their work and still juggle motherhood too with the help of a male paterninty leave or whatever. COol,  then there’s the idea of an unsatiable/relentless pursuit for better – ethically done of course – so some Liberal Feminists may say ok we’ve got the vote in this particular Euro-centric world view, part of the world is equal, but part is not, so the fight continues ((life-long pursuit 😉 yha see.. COol, and then yall say that it’s not enough just to vote – we want to over throw socio-cultural and indeed economic patriarchy; especially un-comprimising in some areas of the developing world still today. Different, but equal. And, then there is the idea that £) there will be creative destruction: when one majority gets overthrown a new one takes it’s place. And, as afore mentioned opposition is keyly crucial coz it ensures the majority coan’t just get it’s own way all the time and there’s like a pluralist battle as to what actually gets implemented/comes to fruition in politics, personal, and private, and political. SO in other words we, or someone will always be fighting against the stream: but that just means that some boats go the right way: and oppose the convention. But just like if u stop rowing u’ll drown, i’d argue untill we’re all economically free and equal : redistributing resources ((through wage structures and job markets changing, taxation, and projects by government/legislative tackled at key demographcis then we will never win. And, access: to education and better schiooling in the state sector in particular) $) as well as voluntary philanthropisits or private ventures fighting the good fight too.. and then we can have a more level playing field: with natural, but sustainable and motivational inequality. Not unjust, ahistorical and heartbereakign like what we have today.) $) Only the dead have seen the end of war.

this kind of peace, and equality, is realistically unattainable ((in practice) but very much desireable, and we can come close which is better than not travelling at all) ((in theory).

Thanks for revolutionizing/enlightening ur world view.

Che (fuckin’) Guevera .






The kid.

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