Fear of self – destruct

  • Ever get so over-thinking that u wanna “clear ur mind”. Or just.. self-medicate.
    – Basically, I feel like we all do u can mitigate it.. Don’t overdo it. Everything in moderation, etc.
    – But, sometimes, weirdly it feels like it can be good.. to refresh. Long week, distinction between public n’ private or even still just work and fun?
    – Self-destruction can be underlying issues so just think about PATIENCE, n how ur reality isn’t in line with ur dreams.. so try to tackle what it is u want.. n take small steps to achieve it.
    – MUSE.
    – – Don’t escape too much. Ur beliefs’ create ur reality’
    – Situations are cool. U can do work drunk, u can have deep chats drunnk, u can stick by / defend and or / be loyal TURLY LOYAL to ur mates – all when drunk
    – so just, ironically ‘USE’ IT.. for good.
    – – intentions.

    – Wish u would learn to love people, and use things; and not the other way around.

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