European Hegemony..

  • Cultural imperalism ((Look it up)
    – After u;ve googled it check this: a critique.
    – So human rights” who has them? Who’s supposed to have them? Humans, that just means that their innate; because ur born u have intrinsic value ((value within u, as a human – what makes u not an animal? Ur consciousness and ur ability to search for more, to research and question to). Imperfait. Cool, now basically
    – Human’s rights’ violations are mianly commited overseas – why – cah the people who ‘know’ their rights are often ‘Western’ or ‘Eurocentric’? WHY?
    – To make human rights ACCESSIBLE. E.g. online just google ‘human rights act’ ul see what i mean.. there’s like a UN one and a UK one.
    But look at those examples . Both Western. Both cultural hegemons, and the igo ((although a good one) of the UN is still problematic in that the major powers control the table, and the developing owrld isn’t even in the same metaphorical ‘room’ nevermind having “‘a seat at the table. As it were.. so cool
    – Now another argument is that 1)) Human rights shuold be translated into other LANGUAGES OTHER THAN JUST ENGLISH so that Bangladeshis n ‘ Moroccmans can have access to this WITH THEIR OWN STYLE, THEIR OWN VERNACULAR, N THEIR OWN PACE/COMFORT/LOCALITIES. COol, now also most of the people writing about/campaigning about Human Rights are Western so clearly there’s an educational divide.. n people perpetuating the right/defence of them in the West so that it becomes a metaphorical Gramsci-esque cultural hegemony whereby there’s the economic core n periphery n this is pounded upon/reinforced/ by the idea that ther’s a l so an equality driven and maintaing core and a poor/deprived/n o r corrupt// periphery. Because 1) the scholars aren’t talking aout it . n 2) the scholars are only talking about it in English/Western languages.
    – SO then the peripher.y/developing world countries start to believe their inferori./missingout and then tehy also don’t have access to the m proper resources so we can’t right that wrong.

    – Also, education. Arguably another crucial human right, is manupulated n distrocted/ due to temporal – spatial scales or. BUt, coz of things like slavery, economic leakage, economic inequality, racism, and segregation the majority of good academic/skillfu;/rich/intelligent ‘cream oft the crop’ migrants have gone to big, WESTERN cities so that they can ‘learn ‘ or better their life.. But then there’s a brain drain and who’s there to educatee the rest: the rural, or the poor, or even worse – those in the developing world. So now what we’ve got is a West with the best access to absolutiy everthing. And unparelled quality/ standards or contorl. But then, hypocritcially/inactively we recomomned others to ‘better themselve’s or ‘get a better life’ when we refuse to recognise histrocial/social-political/spatial/spocio-economic injusticas and , what’s worse is we don’t give back
    – or go teach them how to do it.
    – or revers, or atelast level the plauing field. By not only imposing democracy, but top-down ((we don’t seeem to mind this apporach when it comes to wars so why not when it comes to charity/communities).. and maintainenance. But, hey, what do i KNow hu



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