Tony’s Story.

  • Tony was a drunken. He drank. Even, on weekdays.
    – Tony had little/no self-control and he did not narrow his interests/passions.
    – He knew not what he was good at, only what he was bad at.
    – He hadn’t had faith in a while, when real people have their faith tested and bounce back.
    – Tony couldn’t Adapt so Tony couldn’t survive. He also gambled too much, his habits ultimately mastered him due to a lack of mitigation and restraint. And, he didn’t give himself ((orhis mind, a break) so it broke.
    – Tony used to love violence, so he lived by the fist – and got hit with fists in return. Karm’as a bitch and people, reciprocrate.
    – Tony got a wife but Tony cheated on her, repeatedly. Poor Tony.
    – Tony ‘thought’ it was ‘manly to not talk – about his problems, or “emotions” (Which no1 likes anyway but u must know em) and so Tony’s friend commited suicide. What’s more important masculinity or life?
    – Tony couldn’t ask the right questions, so he was questioned and fell..
  • – Tony gave a homeless woman £50 and his matessaid “why, he’ll only spend it on drink and drugs” _ “Tony// replied “”so will I.
    – He was a good guy, with a bad mind.
    – Deep down ^
  • – SO he was surrounded by plumbers, electricians, retail people, lowkey indie food chain workers, and shit like that . Respectable , hard workers, but he still squandered some of his money, and never budget.
    – He coulda spent his money on books.
    _ he coulda looked after his looks.He coulda followed some Rules
    – Made a negative into a postive. But Tony turned a heaven into a hell. Never do that, don’t be like Tony. Recreation. Addictions. Alcohol. Stimulant.s. . Tony didn’t leave no legacy. Tony died coz of Tony.

    Don’t be ur own worst enemy. Hold back. THink back, think positive.

    Life is what u make it, as ur mind is what u feed it.

    Weston Road flows.

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