Intellectual optimism

It is neither easy, nor literally, necessary to ‘look on the bright side of life’ all the time.

but just know 1)) it is a constant CHOICE.. We have agency, albeit impacted by structure. But we can still choose for good, and fight the good fight, like charity peace, compassion, companionship,conservative words and hope.

2) Life is funner that way, u take hits get knocked down. But the NET movement is overall positive. Without pain, there is no progress..

If u think u can or think u can’t, ur right.

The people who think they can change the world DO. Just know what, when and why iu want to change it: inequality, drugs, poverty, refugees, age, class – pick one ((or more) and fight for it.. Oh and ladies, on gender, almost a mute point now in 2016.. but apart from young child teenage pregnanices in the 21st Century (Kids having kids” type a shit) there is so much progress made there so that jsut goes to show if u stand up and be counted it really can make a grassroots diffefrence and change, even if it is just into the cultrual zeitgeist ur impacting literally hundreds, and potentially thousands of those ur age and like fucking ur close circle too. So cool, keep going.

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