HUman Rights

Have them. Know them.

defend them:


e.g. the right to ‘a right/good n proper life.
or the less,, important, right to private,, property and respect it.

Gifted. The right to pursue logic, explorement, adventurement, progress and educational attainment or progress, devleopmont, and growth how/and by whatever mea,ns one wants.

And also darg, some food for thought. Basically, can human rights ever be compatible ((fully) with hm Capitalism? I’d argue no because Firstly) one person is fucking over/comprimising their rights.. e.g. to absolute freedom/more leisure time or the pursuit of happiness’ essentially.. imperfection and that one person has to breach their economic rights in order to allow profit to be made.. And consumed, and for one to consume someone else, somewhere has to be worse of (Quality of Life at work/working conditions or wages..) s then there is also the idea that someone in China or something (in order for there to irbe a periphery, there must be a core.. in order for someone to be ‘rich’; subjectively then objectively someone has to be poor.. _ cool.. n then coz that Chinese man was paid less there are less overheads, minimising costs and thus maximising profits but hten he struggles to feed his family while we get addicted to cheap designer/or even high street goods – like Primark – that’s HOW they keep their costs down. Now why, risk n: reward?

Also, no rights are absolute : i .e . they are not always in place/protected all the time and their not always perfect. or that. But yeah, have a google of amnesty international or the human rights act and u can find out more about

  1. wheter they’re universal ((applying to everyone, coz of like genetics n shit/. or the innate being: of being human we are deservant of being equal and seeking/maximising pleasure at little or no cost to our loved ones, ourselves, or those around us,
    2. To know when ur rights are being violated, u must know whhat they are. ((applies to feds and quality of life and pursuing an optimistic aim that i am not subserviant no matter where i come from, where iv’e been, or what i’ve personally, annecdotally and subjectively experienced,,.. i am still human.. ((ie.. in a short time i’ve seen some short shit.. but it still don’t mean that i ain’t shit..)

    i’m just tryna be somebody ‘for i say i need somebody.. grow with somebody and realise that yes, yeah i can chase/get this ‘good life too.. WITHOUT A SILVER SPOON.

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