”Reveres Communism.

Dear Reader,

The first premise is that u’ve read some of Marx’s work..: here’s some good stuff to get u started, if not, http://www.slideshare.net/sgummer/marxism-overview ((VERY LIT interestin read).
– So basically, the long-n’ short of it is this: the reverse is. That the bourgeoise actually, could potentailly, ((not only the ‘conscientious’ vanguard could be leading) but the whole of the supposedly ” superior class. Could: because, this is becuase that the middle classes, especially the uppers middle clas; though their accent is funnier: have a good thing: called ettiquette. Basically, way I see it, a lot of socio-economic problems today are basically because of excess((ive)) drugs, alcohol, and substance abuse, not use, and fuckin un-utility, disrespect, negative dialogues, crimes like violence and otehr behaviour which breaches “standard” morality, moral compasses, and ethics, but some people fele forced into them because their ‘trapped’ or cool, fuckin depserate/don’t know better, coz didnt have parents who team em/friends who reinforce it that it’s good to be good.
— So what the poshos do have: respect, commitment, trust, loyalty, money ((so as to avoid the afore mentioned desperation) and are risk-averse, and less prone to change.. N’ ccol they also have sense, and sensibility, education, access to technology/opportunity, nepitism/networking, work, cash, capital and substance.. e.g. readinng books of amazon or some shit. And, oh being good at googling, coz like- to get around search algorithms u really gotta finesse ur vocabularie to get good search results..SO key-words n shit..Like self-help or positivism.
– They are also not afraid to seek help/look appear vulnerable and weak. So there’s no acting. Whatsoever. —
— Then, there’s the premise of equality.. n whatnot whatnot so on , okay cool.
Now some, potentially, controversial, suggestions:
1) Capitalism stays. Oh shit: butm, it’s with a WELFARE LIBERALISM wist, so hand-ups not handouts. n say for example, hypothetically, redred middle class/bourgeoise counterparts could come to working class -COMMUNITIES N fuckin help them by like being business mentors, / distinguishing ((the men” from the “boys……) type thing, exuse the sayng feminists, for lexical choice; but it’s cool coz then see who wag1 ,. n what’s really popping like who’s got ideas and plans, and WILL actually get them into fruition. Or who’s a little lazy n shit..
Anyway, this then replaces the dole system: in a non-scrutinised, sustainable, n societtally benefiecial system.. because, by this point-in-time in the – future then straight up gold-mines are created and Capitalism has thus birhted many more philanthropists.. COol n tjhen there’s 1)) a fuckin sustainble way for people to get nmoney, to know where their next ‘cheque is coming from.. or , more imporanly where their next bit of food is ((and it’s run by a non-governmental body)) so as to not let it be cut by Tory barstards and cause more uncertainty and mass-fluxuation in living standards for a mass group of people. http://www.slideshare.net/sgummer/marxism-overview .. THen cool.


  • boom, and also.. what u have is a peaceful revolution, a non-governmental, independent body regulating it so as to prevent crime, and a cross-culture, cross – class, and cross -divide/inequality system whereby everybody can eat and mingle.. instead of being socially engineered and one class aspiring to the other, often to their detriment, and the other class looking’ down on, but not understanding, the other,, often to their detrement,,,..
    The ;interviews could also help with essentially ‘life coaching’ to tackle the , often unspoken about, aspects of working class life/culture.. /education n state sector shit, which includes bullying, adultery, comradery, pressure, peers looking down on u / overtly judging, appropriation,.. n misguided views that u leave them” n they if u r happy ” n successful.. But like , yeah u can just guide n right the wrongs of violence, n torture n unneccessarily horrific/traumatic experiences which have been visusalised/seen/seen so perceived to be the way the ‘real’ world” is when in actuality , in many cases .. once ur down so low.. the only way is up.

    Written at university after coming off the estate like 5 days ago. thinking about my crazy,beautiful estate back home.

    Don’t Go back to what hurt you.

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