Racial Animosity

Fam, it’s that real..

If ur black, or Asian.. Or some other race under God’s sun.. inject into culture the thought.. that shit.. there’s a double standard we’ve been livning under.. ‘Know ur roots’ n ‘love where ur from’ is what “they say” ((the proverbial “they”, still Dj Khaledish though).. N Then it’s like cool, boom, I’m part Asian so then I get to thinking “WHY”?? Why was India the colonised not the colonisers.. so cool, now I get to thinking I’m inferior.. that’s negative.. but that still hasn’t been addressed. Now, even when “we” (my brothers and sisters, of past/present/and future/ who have gone before me and will still come after me..) venture to new lands, in pursuit of a better life’ for them and their families.. Then they still get a racial stigma??! WTF know ur history, like this is post-generational and it’s psychological not JUST ECONOMICAL.. don’t get me wrong.. neither have been addressed ;).. That’s not tight. That’s not lit.

Cool. N then the flip-side, ((I’m part-white so no i’m not “hating” That’s poisionous, and kills/rots minds.. im more about positivty..) but yeah white, “‘pure”, white people can just say i’m not i Ain’t no hybrid/half-cat so I know my identity n we feel superiority, n ‘ still, to this day reap some of teh socio-economic repurceussions/benefits of this particular form of cultural imperialism, social Darwinism, and fundementally slavery and commofidifcation.. of well, everyhting.
So then, instead of feeling “oh my ancestors were a bit sadistic.. I should learn from that mistake to never judge another man/woman/child again.. And then, there is that distance, which, for some odd, reason us people of colours seem to not be able to distance ourselves from ((which, rationally we really should get over the bitterness.., coz thankfully if none of us ahve ever been victim to human traffickers or slavery for no wage – don’t go too kanye on me now ;)) then cool. Been through a lot, but like we ain;t gonna go through that again.. hopefully.. Career trajectories .. n Life/History Trajectories..And yeah we atleast get paid to be under our new masters now. But yeah, then “white people” say that oh it’s ok “my ancestors did it so I never will/did” wihch is good and postive so move on, but how can we. I believe world leaders need to discuss this and some form of educational/curriculurar/extra-curricular/genereational./pyschological change.. form needs to happen../ or like just economic compensation for suffering/developing nation s who, lets FUCKING FACE IT, were impacted predominantly, by being held back by slavery, and the ‘West benefitted’ resources.. and some areas are still to this day socially engineered to price out some races/socio-economic creeds. So, yeah just maybe erase national debts for the third world. A controversial, but probably essentialy/viable option to tackle this psychological, n metaphorical ‘core’ ‘periphery” bullshit.

Listening to J SPADES.

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