On the Other Hand..

Money don’t make me ;).. It don’t make me a better person, it don’t/or at least,, shouldn’t make me look better ((but unfortunately it can make me feel better 1) realltail therapynn’ 2.1)) girls like it when u in some designer garms.. coz of PERCEPTIONS.. it’s like a placebo if a butters breh wears a nice jersey.. , neways cool. it don’t make or change my morality, and Hopersfully shouln’t change my ethics n’ shit, but it also just doesn’t maek me change my PRIORITIES.., n SHOULDN’T mek me change who I’m spending tinme with..

  • Sometimes, some things are just ‘good’ and ‘trillytrue’. . Ur brain, for some weird reason, is sometimes just wired to believe/go along with” naysayers/ or haters n snakey people but shit moments of snakeyness can be overcome with critical analysis and optimism. Just let something s be and let them just be good. . Not no good.. with a ‘But..’ Especially true off ssucess  and people makin’ money.. or like jealousy.. n wanting them to do good .. but not as good as u” ” type thing? Hiting a nerve?! Hell yeah, ill be reall i even had it with my family at one point.. but then i realised.. hell”,. i’m getting older n shit” let me just step aside n let thm shine.. coz as long as im atleast marginally on.. then i ain’t gonna be mad when u put on. We’re are all born equal.. but some just with more brains/work harder/ ro in a different angle..lane.. n we all have our own weird variety of luck combinations, talent, n ‘ passion.

    it’s the dollar dollar bill y’all.. it’s the dollar bill that kill


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