MOney Make me

  • WOrk harder: if I’m being honest: Money is a good incentive, within CApitalism, to go out and ‘ go get it’ nd hunt. Capitalism incentives some stufff, like certain projects; or even – at ((rare) times ((if ur intentions are good n’..,or true, then certain philanthropy/entreupenerial moves – ironically.. because it’s just that EXTRA llil’ bit of funding that can make u go out the house.. when ur feeling a bit older..and or hungover;)
  • Be creative, at times, being broke has made me have to humble myself/go out out of my way to find a solution. SO i like this, it’s like teambuilding for my family lool .. n it keeps me innovative and on my toes.. as well as able to say “fuck it yeah i will ask for that student discount”.. so weirdly., n paradoxically for a relatively revolutionary socialist/welfare Liberal I do actually like a bit of hierarchy and order.. as I grow.
  • It sort of, weirdly, encourages me to look after myself/have a bit more of a routine: structure. E.g. for example i’ve gotta actualyl BE here to run this business.., or that business so thus Therefore, i’ve got to watch/look after my health etc.. Not disposable. U know how that shit goe. And, also, when ur used to a certain lifestyle// like uni/full time work . U just wanna be doing shit ‘once the brain groes.. it don’t shrink back’ ((Yes, I read so many quotes i startedII coming up with my own. ;))7
  • ALSO.. yeah well raelly that’s just about it.. ‘ man make the money .. money don’t make the man..  – OR WOMAN!

    made writing some ish.. eating some fuckin’ apple pie, like a motherfuckin’ boss, at 9:00s in the morning sun.., think my brother’s girlfriend got it for us.. bless her.

    Oh yeah g..o  fuckin’ listen to Wu tang clan.

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