‘Nerve’: a film reviewed…

  • Films are, just like literature, or a book, fundementally a work of art. Thus, therefore, one may learn from them, and their respective protagonists’ mistakes. Make no mistake about it ;);), the arts will save u.
  • Hedonism: don’t do it unethically or over-exert yourself, or stupidly, or make important decisions under the influence. Fundementally: do not abuse substances, and do not depend upon them, solely, for your daily-endorphin fix. – ‘Be the master of your habits, don’t let your habits master you’. There are other, still fun, and, admittingly, risky behaviours which we can engage in .. SSuch as gambling, going on walks for recreation/”Clearing my  head..,” sex, food/eating out.., \academia.., museums, art shows, sports, excersice, careers, social lives, & socialising, conversating/politicking.., politics, the arts/media/even social media, hobbies, mechanics, video game. computer science, philanthropy, science, routines and swimming.
  • Peer pressure.: watch out for it and only do things you are 1)) comfortable with or have WELL researched or 2)) really .1 watch for things that will have a long lasting effect.., like trying a highly addictive drug for the first time ((and if, by any chance u are already on/psuedo-addicted to some selection/variety/ of said-drugs then for God’s – sake don’t add to it. ;)..
  • Forcfullness and responsibility: if u happen to be blessed with a skill/quality, or attribute then use it for good; like the girl in the film is pretty but does not use this to coerce or persuade, juxtaposed with the good looking lad who does abuse this and at times ‘makes’ the girl do things she’s actually uncomfortable with, and her friend ‘Sydney’ plays a role in making her think she has to ‘pretend’ to be someone else in order to achieve/succeed. And, also the girl is quite good at standing her ground and actually not bending her moral compass ; despite enough temptation and as they say, the devil comes in many guises.
  • Music, is goolden, and helps make things less intense: god-bless thatsoundtrack coz, without it, ‘Nerve’ coulda become nervous real fast, and i Dont dunnodunno if my heart would have made it.
  • Don’t take too many risks.
  • But don;t be risk adverse.
  • Don’t leave ur true friends behind: keep ur circle tight, and bring them with u as u adapt; don’t think ur suddenly too good for them: true character is when u not only don’t leave people behind/forget where u too started from, but u also, bring pepole forward.

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