can some1 please do this..

  • Find out what the fuck these ‘toilet tissue’ companies are doign about their “plant promise” like yeah, it’s all well and good to be planting these trees, but can someone/anyone actualllly monitor the proces//progress of tress post-planting – have any sustainably grown into good, strong trees. And is the space they are being planted in sufficient enough? And is the ‘3’ or 4 they are giving’ back statistically numerous enough to justify what exactly they are “taking” from the forests.
  • -= Can someone do a proper, extensive survey, of jobs; like nation-wide ‘job satisfaction’ of white collar AND BLUE COLLAR works/jobs (after all u need blue-collar to maintain/sustain.., ) and then yeah, like UCAS u can compare, n ‘ contrast and really get a good idea as to what the pay structure is, what the job roles are, and what the actual SATISFACTION is ,,.. money aside
  • – but yeah, if any of my younger reader are reading,,. it is : unfortunately, or fortunately, often proportionate that: more money more responsibility
  • With great ‘power ‘ comes great responsibility: e..g. in this case u have to consistently go in to work, everyday, punctually, reliablly, on-time.., Monday – to Friday.., and be on point. . but yeah also potentially taking it more seriously/beingmore grateful for a high-paying job, money, influence.., and cool u can also be having the potential to be altruistic../ /help others come up” or comeb ack too.



R.c R.c


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