‘White people music’

No ‘ b’, Oasis, Red Hot Chilli Peppers & other types of scrutinised heavy/soft rock’..or even metal, are not exclusively for “sellouts”, “white dudes”, or the proverbial ‘other’.

Sadly, they are often for music for people who are ‘educated’ ‘upper-middle’ class, ((it’s Real), but tehey are just as much your rightte to listen to too. They are there, like all other artists, and forms/pieces of art: to be enjoyed, to be subjectively interpretted but objectively admired/impactful, to be provacitive, to force u to have an opinion, ur own opinion. -To essentially, be yourself, and have your own weird socialised experiences/MOMENTS to reflect your feelings/views (Cheeky Drake Plug ttThere, Belter of an album that). And hey, mayybe even alter them: they’re their to learn from and if u ((don’t  it write-off / exclude some genres or even, people, then u “miss out on the others”. 
And, as Oasis ((Noel/Liam Gallagher, one of them ‘cunts’) said, YOU’VE GOT TO BE YOURSLEF,,. n music is a way to express yourself properly so hell, hey – they’re vernacular may even impact your own written/spoken-word FORMform.

Daydreaming about a/the/ “Beautiful Black Girl From Around the Way” ((Scratch that, take out the ‘beautful ”speech marks shit  – don’t fantazine her, and thereby, de-humanise, and oOvertly romanticise  her .. The world does’nt work like that, for now.. STEPS..

-Written thinking, briefly, about career, success, past performances, The Art of War, sharing, ..BNOS… NN BYOB uni shit lool b, n’ paa((partly) ‘That Part’ Schoolboy Q feat Kanye West That Part n Luck, n’ SUPERSTITION – obviously.


N obviously, same goes where some/ocassioanlly very brave ‘white people’ say oh no that’s “black” music or “hood” music: NA B.
It’s everyone’s music, stick two fingers up, *say fuck ’em ((FUCKK THE REST).., supreme n; go consume” it.. ALL OF IT #WHOLISTICVVISION  visionaryy..

Peace autt.

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